I’ve already seen Once twice. 

So far, it’s only playing at the Landmark River Oaks.  If you want to see it, I recommend you don’t read any reviews or plot summaries, or watch any of the videos or trailers on the film’s website except perhaps the one linked above (of them performing live at Sundance). 


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  1. twice?!?!it is lovely, I will admit..

  2. how have you seen once twice already!? i’m impressed….. and i second the ‘dont watch the trailer’ advice. Just go in open to whatever comes your way…. and wonderful music.

  3. you MUST go to XANGBANG 07…it’s growing, it’s international, and it’s awesome

  4. any idea if it will “come out at a Regal near you” sometime? sc is not exactly the mecca of the movie industry…

  5. Listen to “Falling Slowly” if you get a chance πŸ™‚

  6. I saw the trailer at an Edwards, which is a Regal-owned theatre, so I’m guessing it’ll get a wide release soon…I absolutely have to see it. I’ve been excited over all the pre-release buzz alone.

  7. 2 words. A MAZING!!!  loved it. i’m officially addicted to the soundtrack and will probably see it again soon.

  8. Thanks that looks amazing. We will have to go see it soon!!!!

  9. i would love to see it…. i love sundance movies…..

  10. She’s done with going for the chemo treatments. Now all she has left is radiation.

  11. hey …. stephen you coming over to genova?????? COME IT WILL BE GREAT!!!!!!!!

  12. You already told me what this post was about so I have no real comment….

  13. Thanks for the advice; I went tonight and LOVED it!!!!

  14. The teen aged daughter and I went last evening. Very nice. She just HAD to have the soundtrack so we stood in line and bought one. They must have sold 10 or 15 after the 7:30 show.

  15. dude. you seriously hneed to post again.  what up?

  16. wow. is that really the last time you posted?! i knew something was missing from blog life. πŸ™‚

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