How amazing is my church, and even more fascinating is the God who led me there so many years ago.  I don’t deserve my “new” job or my cool new neighbors, and I’m thankful for all my fun, encouraging and quirky friends.  I enjoy spending most of my time in a couple of the coolest neighborhoods in Houston, and I can’t say enough about the people that I get to hang with.  There’s so much blessing in my life that I can scarcely take it all in. 

Here comes tomorrow…


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  1. I don’t think “optical” and “wireless” are mutually exclusive.I just won an auction for a bluetooth optical mouse. Holla! It’s not a mighty mouse (tear)–but it wasn’t $70 either.Nice post. I feel the same.aaaannnnd, nice job checking the coding for those photos.

  2. Wheeeee?
    I think so.

  3. and thank God for the Vincent Van Gogh museum. : )

  4. happy first day back!!

  5. I re-read my comment and realized that I made a grievous punctuation error.  That should most definitely be an exclamation mark, not a question mark.

  6. yes yes yes.. i think about this quite often myself! well, not the new job part, but i do have the most rad friends and neighbors that i could ever ask for, and to think that i found the church by a google ‘fluke’ – God is so cool!hope you’re having fun today!

  7. this is a great post.

  8. I like this. And I like getting to be one of your quirky friends .

  9. Yay for Stephen, and yay for God who is giving you joy!

  10. You need to be a full time puppeteer.

  11. new neighbors eh…yeah, tim is pretty cool. I don’t know about that asian fellow though…shifty.

  12. As long as he doesn’t complain about me making too much noise doing my jumping jacks or whatnot…

  13. You’re great, Stephen.

  14. Way to go back to work, Naija!  I’m glad you are sitting where you are in the office and that God would bring you into good times with those guys.
    See you at BT tonight!

  15. thankfulness makes me happy.  it’s contageous and i needed some…so, thanks.

  16. haha yep πŸ™‚ most film schools are a year long and i want to go to 3-4 of them to learn as much as possible

  17. lol πŸ™‚ hahahah thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ it kinda made my night πŸ™‚

  18. I was having a bit of a pity party lately so I thought of one the things in this life that makes me the most happy and that’s Houston so I called my contacts the really really high ones way up there and found some numbers to get some Houston love and low and behold who answered the phone?? Cosmolovely and hmmmm. Imagine that, they must be really high up there! The blessings are all around, I just had to take the Iraqi blindfold off and look right there in front of me…Life and knowing that I got wake up this morning and the hope that someone even just one person might see a little bit of Jesus in me; Is there any greater blessing? Ok so I went off on a little tangent here I’m going to post this on my site Hope you are well. It will be nice to meet you someday.

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