Hither come Andrew the Twin and Marian the Bulgarian ‘fore the light fades from Houston’s horizon.  And on the ‘morrow Ryan the Warrior shall follow and join us…


10 Responses to “TONIGHT”

  1. can’t wait to meet the famous AC!

  2. joining stephen the vacationing one and james the other twin

  3. stephen the vacationing one! ha!!

  4. I’d be more excited about this post if you hadn’t typed it while talking to me on the phone! I am excited to meet the brother of James though!

  5. Can Zelda the Princess join this valiant band?

  6. How about Richard Drinker of Sake and Boiler of Cats?

  7. Genie the Bopper has joined the crew!
    And now…we’ve met them!

  8. what beautiful language

  9. The noise didn’t bother me a bit, it was pleasantly reminiscent of home, (sans the
    Shofar blowing and goats bleating and dogs barking that is constant at my house;)
    It was nice meeting you! You have cool friends. Ashley and I fully intend to collect them;)

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