San Francisco

I need to send KJ that old song (If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair) because she hasn’t heard it!  At appropriate moments during our road trip, I introduced her to numerous other songs she’d never heard, like 500 Miles and Desert Rose and African Queen

Home sweet home in the Sunset District. 

KJ’s street made me wonder what’s wrong with all the developers in Houston who put up clumps of completely identical townhomes.  When I was house shopping in the fall, I hated how so many side by side would be the exact same color and design. 

Arizmendi Bakery for breakfast!  There’s a Mexican bakery around the corner from my house in Houston, but it closed long before I moved in, so I’ve got nothing. 

Nice and sunny in the 50s and 60s.

Palace of Fine Arts.

Buying a birthday present for Megan.

I saw the famous bush man who scares tourists near here. 

I particularly like crab.


San Francisco.  Well…what else am I supposed to say?

KJ showing me around the conservatory. 

Catching one last friend from Nigeria in Berkeley before flying home on the 3-hour nighttime flight. 


27 Responses to “San Francisco”

  1. Based on quite a bit of evidence, I discern that chocolate is your gift of choice for your friend-girls.  Wise man.

  2. thats a really nice piano! and the bushman is hilarious…that relaxing technique sounds interesting. i’ll have to try it if this stupid sleeplessness persists. and yes, despite anything, God is definitly still good.

  3. this time next week, i’ll be there!

  4. Ah, the bush…did you see the Robot Man?
    I hope Oats is right…you didn’t get her mustard, did you? And did you see that, Megan? It says Crab STATION.
    Man, I love SanFran.

  5. You got to see the Palace of Fine Arts!  *sigh*
    Despite the shortness of your visit, it seems like you got to see a lot in SF.  Yay!

  6. looks like fun.

  7. sooo…. you were 2 hours from our house and not even so much as a hallo?!?  jared might cry. 
    kidding.  but still, it would have been fun, had there been time in yr schedule, to wave a hallo to you and have you see said wave with your own two eyes.  i might have baked a cake for such an occasion. 

  8. I looked long and hard, but I didn’t see a bush man in your picture.

  9. I actually took a photo of the bush man, but I didn’t post it because I figured the link to the video was good enough. And yes, I saw the robot dude as well. Mustard would’ve been pretty nice, but I guessed she might prefer some sort of cocoa-based confection. And I’m soooooo sorry I missed seeing y’all in Sacramento! It was a very quick trip, and while it’s true I could’ve asked you to make the trek over to SF, we were going nonstop the whole day before I left, so I don’t know how well it would’ve worked out. Besides, with most places I visit, I generally feel like I’m going to come back again someday.

  10. Can someone PLEASE bake me a bread turtle and bring it by 4614 M——?? Thank you.

  11. Zelda,  It’d be even more fun if we baked a bread turtle and put it in a basket to be dragged along a pulley through a window in your house. 🙂
    Stephen- did you catch any pictures of them transporting bread at Boudin?

  12. make loaves not war.. good one.

  13. so my birthday’s in a few weeks – what are you  getting ME? 🙂 hahaha …
    looks like you had a blast! check out my facebook for pics of me and lendy in koreaaaaaa! 🙂

  14. i saw the bush man too when i was there in dec?? wonder how does he make his living???? clam chowder in a boudin sourdough bread was great… i missed out on the dungeness crab though still kicking myself for it….

  15. I heard the bush man raked in a ton of money last year and filed a hefty tax return because people give him money for doing a good job of scaring people.

  16. hey step… just want some advise. if i do go to italy in the summer i plan to tbackpack around europe before i return. do you have any suggestions? i m thinking of either to go to austria, czech republic, poland, gemany and then netherlands…. or switzerland, france, belgium and then netherlands….. or switzerland, france, spain and if there is time potugal??? which would you go for…..

  17. wow.. looks like fun.Hi, i’m trying to get alot of e-props.

  18. that’s a really nice apartment! is that where she’s staying?

  19. She and her pianist roommate stay in that townhome out in the Sunset District.

  20. Ah, San Francisco.  Gotta love it.  One of mine and Jame’s good college friends (Dawn) lives out there with her husband and my mom’s brother lives there as well, so I’ve visited a few times.  Good chocolate, gorgeous views, and lots of interesting street performers.  We went on a tour of Alcatraz at night and that was also really cool.  I definitely need to go back and visit again.
    I’m glad to see that you guys had a great time!

  21. The palace of fine arts is one of my favorite places ever. At their website you can see videos of its “grand opening” and of people bicycling on top of the dome!!! Check it out!

  22. i was hoping those we’re real turtles there but alas…just bread. 😦

  23. Haven’t been there for so many years! Glad you had fun … enjoyed the pics! 

  24. i’m so jealous of all your traveling!

  25. happy birthday stephen! i hope your day is fantastic!

  26. it’s your birthday? :O.Just kidding, I know your old :I.

  27. happy b-day, sirstevo!  🙂

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