The first person we saw in LA was Ahmadu, a schoolmate from Nigeria who was a classmate of my current roommate.  He’s a junior writer for Two and a Half Men, so he took us onto the set and we got to watch Charlie Sheen and the other actors taping part of the show. 

He took us over to the casino from Ocean’s Thirteen.  A friend of his worked for that movie, and when Clooney organized a basketball league, he and his friend were on the same team as George Clooney and Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. 

He drove us around all the Warner Bros sets and studios, and we saw the ER crew out taping (but you can’t photograph anything that’s copyrighted). 

Next we found the Love man and had a great time hanging out with him showing us Newport Beach and some other great hang-outs in the OC. 

Ted, me and Doug.  On the way out of town late that night, we hung out with some more old Nigeria buds in La Mirada.  They’d just gone on the Tonight Show that day (they had tickets for me and Kathryn, but I wanted to go see Steve instead), and Doug had friends calling him from all over because he had ended up on camera with Jay Leno when Jay had gone up into the audience to play a game or something.  Did you see him in his Manchester United jersey?

Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway!

We saw a bunch of elephant seals hanging out. 

KJ had run the Big Sur marathon around here last year. 

It was worth it, and I even got to see way2brite’s university along the way!

Julie had invited us to Google HQ for lunch, and another old Rice bud came over to visit as well. 

Toilet at Google. 


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  1. I do appreciate all that. Awesome stuff!

  2. Toilet?  No way! 🙂
    Oh, the West Coast is amazing.

  3. 1. Did Steve Love move to LA to become a homeless person?2. Eeeeuuuuaaagh!! That toilet is just gross to me! I could see some really embarrassing mishaps happening from a malfunction of that thing.

  4. the CSM home office address is Pacific Coast Hwy.. just further south than LA.. I hear that their view is pretty spectacular!

  5. No, Ash, that wasn’t my sole purpose for moving here.

  6. looks like fun!!

  7. I think Ashley emitted a sound close to the one she typed out in her comment.

  8. dude, I would never use a toilet where the water in the bowl comes back at you…are you driving back too? You should visit white sands, nm — it was my fave part (besides san diego) of the southwest!

  9. I remember meeting Julie at Brown… long long ago.

  10. you have a lot of connections.. it’s quite absurd! looks fun though.

  11. I can’t imagine all those guys playing on the same team.  Too much star power could be blinding.  Or, who was on the other team?!
    Did you black out the rest of the toilet picture?  I have used one of those before…. very very nice in my opinion.

  12. Not sure who was on the other basketball teams, bu it was limited mostly to folks associated with that movie. Apparently, George Clooney was the best among the actors. However, Ahmadu says he was better overall and George Clooney was just better at shooting than he was. As for the toilet, I didn’t actually use it (only because I didn’t *need* to at the time, if you catch my meaning). I’ve heard good things about them from people who have been to Tokyo and other advanced communities like that. Oh, and I only showed a photo from the control pad on the wall–the toilet itself only looks slightly different at first glance.

  13. Thanks for commenting Sounds like or at least looks like from your photos you had a great trip. I loved driving across the country cause it got me to Houston!!

  14. I need to stop reading your posts because it makes me feel like my life is sooooooo boring.

  15. dang, i’m not a “runner”, but if i ran marathons along that coast line, i would be!  beautiful pics, the scenery too.  hahaha.

  16. You live a charmed life, my friend.

  17. wow – I’m with Hmm_m  – my life seems way boring.  get a job dude so the rest of us can feel better.

  18. Cool pics!
    I think the Kirby/West Alabama Borders is the last to change, but not sure. I’m thinking of having a farewell to Chai party.

  19. Oh my goodness! I am so happy that you made the drive along the PCH! I knew you would love it. It makes me totally miss home. So, so beautiful! I love it! And the pictures do not even do it justice.

  20. Wow! Great pictures!!! George Clooney… omg.. I now know my 5 degrees of separation from George Clooney and Brad Pitt… and even better its only 3 degrees- Thanks for knowing so many people.
    The Seals!!! arent they wonderful.. I saw the same seals a few summers back off highway 1. It was great.. I mean you could practically walk right up to them and pat their head..
    This is a great post.. glad you had such a good time!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    That’s a way cool toilet.

  22. great pix… looks like someone has an interesting life! heh

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