On the road to California

I heard Houstonians finally experienced some cold weather.  We tried to get out of Texas early enough Monday night to avoid the storms (10:30 pm), but an hour before San Antonio we started running into freezing rain and ice already on the roads.  Consequently, we didn’t make it to San Antonio till 3 am, and we didn’t see the last of the nasty weather and slippery asphalt till sometime after Kerrville. 

Junction, Texas:  Here’s Kathryn chipping ice off the car in the wee morning hours. 

Quite a bit had built up on the body of the car.

We found clearer skies and purpler cacti in west Texas.

New Mexico was also quite dry, but mighty pretty in places.

Tucson, Arizona! 

Snow at the Grand Canyon!

Me trying for a better view…

KJ was quite content with hers.

So now we’re on the edge of the Mojave Desert in California, and I need to get some sleep, because we have a full day tomorrow…


16 Responses to “On the road to California”

  1. Wow, glad to see that you guys got out of all of the crazy ice safely!  I hope that you’re having a great time on your trip!

  2. your life is so boring!

  3. yeah. heard about alex’s dad. wrote her. sad.

  4. geez…you always somewhere cool. =)

  5. great pics… i like the grand canyon with snow picture… i never thought about it snowing up there….

  6. i’ve always wanted to make that drive. you’ll have to fill me on the details when you get back. have fun and be safe!

  7. I was just in the Grand Canyon in the snow, too, over Christmas.  On the rim trail a few spots were icy, which is scary when there isn’t a barrier keeping you from slipping over the edge.  Don’t you just love Arizona?

  8. so how exactly is that position giving you a better view??oh well.. as usual, the photos are lovely, but we’re ready for you to get home!!

  9. Just wanted to say “HI!” and awe… I love Kathryn.  Big hug!

  10. meg, I was thinking the same thing.

  11. God is so creative-purple cacti!  rocks my world.  loverly pics. hope you stayed long enough to soak it all in.  makes me want to go back to the gc……

  12. Better view of WHAT?  That tree is mighty short…
    By the way, I told you it was starting to sleet as I was coming back from SA that morning.  Glad you are safe!

  13. i need to do a road trip like that pretty soon….

  14. haha, no, my roommate was making fun of my weird position for doing my reading homework…

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