15 years later

I haven’t seen my relatives in the Czech Republic since 1991. 

That was only a year after communism fell, so there was no Coca Cola to be found anywhere, and since my 3rd cousins had only just switched from studying Russian to learning English in the schools, it was vital that my grandmother accompany us so we’d have a translator. 

My cousin Dušan and his wife Silvie showed me around Prague. 

Here I am next to the bridge from which I get my middle name. 

I caught this guy drawing the couple (click to see a bigger version). 

Dušan and Silvie drove me the 3 hours to Šumperk in Moravia to spend the night with his parents. 

Here are some more cousins in Šumperk.  I had such a beautiful time with everyone, and they all treated me like royalty! 

Czech folks always wear slippers inside the home, and they typically have enough for visitors. 

Everyone stuffed me with tons of tasty food and practically poured an unending river of slivovice down my throat.  They make the slivovice themselves and even sent a big bottle of it back with me!  Not sure when I’ll get to return, but I’d like it to be far sooner than 15 years…


19 Responses to “15 years later”

  1. Dang, you are so amazingly interesting. Where in the heck is your wife going to be from? North America, check. Europe, check. Africa, check.
    She should be from the Pacific Islands or something.

  2. I can assure you that the Houstonian gals can hold their own. 😉

  3. prague is one of my favorite places i’ve been. it’s beautiful and affordable. i have an incredible marionette from there. but i have to keep him hidden, since he frightens the children!! haha.

  4. Did you get the guy to draw a picture of you???

  5. awesome.  I wanna go!!!

  6. thats really cool stephen!oh, and i assure you, there was nothing cute about me in middle school… i was a rediculous! but at least i can laugh about it. =)

  7. my grandfather was moravian. so way back there somewhere, i’m positive we are related.

  8. great pictures!  I like the second one the best.. they seem really happy

  9. oh and did you see the pepto pink former prison turned hostel?
    just curious if it’s still there and if it’s still giving people foot fungus!

  10. amazing. it looks magical.

  11. does the sun shine there?

  12. Ha…the sun did come out for a few hours in the middle of the day. It’s been rainy–no snow this year, so everyone is a bit discouraged by the uncharacteristically warm weather. However, the lack of snow probably made it quite a bit easier to make the 3-hour drive into Moravia!

  13. the church in the background in the second pic is amazing….. czech is now one of my “should go places”

  14. I went to Prague back in 2000 and loved it! It was one of my favorite places to visit.

  15. I loved Prague! I’m jealous that you get to do all this travelling. I know I’ve been most places you’re going, but I want to go back and go more places! I miss travelling!

  16. Can we meet your grandma sometime?
    If you went to my house…you’d get a pair of slippers too.  Just ask Jamie.

  17. well, mr. huey, ryc-we will have to remedy that. on one condition of course…that i not be a distraction to the real things that need to be done with You Know Who :):):):)  hope worship rocked your world last night.  sad i couldnt make it.

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