Unexpected encounter in Amsterdam

 You’ll never believe who I ran into in Amsterdam!  Our flight from Lagos left around midnight and we got into Amsterdam about 5:30 am and I hung out with my bro and his wife until they left mid-morning for Texas.  After that I walked around downtown, dropped off my stuff at the Shelter, grabbed goodies from bakeries, visited Rembrandt’s house and made it to the Van Gogh museum before it closed.  There I was feeling so sleepy, and I was annoyed because I felt I should be trying my best to appreciate what I was seeing. I walked out to a big open area and heard a woman call my name!  Who could it possibly be? 


What a surprise…they weren’t even planning on visiting Amsterdam and just decided to go for it on a whim at the last minute!



dnld 005

The worship pastor from the Houston Vineyard and her husband and I got to hang out for dinner and chocolate waffles and drinks late into the night.  I never would’ve dreamed I was gonna have such a great time during my little layover here. 



dnld 002


dnld 001


dnld 003

Didn’t really go into the “coffee shops” here…



dnld 004


And one last look….



dnld 006



4 days till I’m back in Texas!




22 Responses to “Unexpected encounter in Amsterdam”

  1. God as my witness, you have the most exciting life of anyone I know

  2. that’s just crazy! how lucky for all of you!!

  3. so fun!!!  Stephen, come home!! 

  4. “You’ll never believe who I ran into in Amsterdam!”  Oh yes we will.  It happens to you without fail!
    Whoa, it’s weird seeing the Rijksmuseum with snow since it was butt hot when Chip and I were there.

  5. Wow that’s great! when I was in orlando my mom and I ran into the bahorich’s…. but the worship pastor and her husband in amsterdam… that takes the cake.
    I really like that second picture… very nice..

  6. ditto cosmo. you’re always off to do something amazing. so jealous. safe travels for your trip home!

  7. That’s just about as cool as it gets!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Such amazing coincidence.

  9. There you go throwing a Huey again! It’s amazingly predictable for you!And…you’re making me want to travel! Your pics are great!

  10. Chocolate waffles…drool…

  11. I’m glad that the “coffee shops” only sell the pure organic stuff…because I wouldn’t take anything with artificial ingredients or additives.
    Did John and your sis-in-law end up getting any rest?
    And…I am not surprised.  At all. 🙂

  12. i like what jamie said – throwing a huey!!

  13. im with matt on this one, totally not surprised.  your like a magnet for serendipity.  the city looks awesome, but we’re ready for you to be home 🙂

  14. at least you guys didn’t see each other at the red-light district – that would’ve been awkward

  15. …what chip said…also, are you in REM sleep in that last picture or had you just dozed off…and what did you do to that red car picture?

  16. Wow man! Looks like fun! And what are the chances that you’d run into those two? God is so good. Happy New Year! Maybe we can do some cooking when you get back.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    How AWESOME!  I wish I Wish….

  18. that is so awesome! 
    amsterdam is so beautiful. 

  19. the guy who asked about you is none other than mr. nathan will. he goes to our church;probably you haven’t met. he’s a great guy. i’ll introduce you two if you happen to be in the same service.

  20. hey  man……we had such a blast spending time with you.  i look forward to hanging out soon.  pick a city!!  : )

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