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San Francisco

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I need to send KJ that old song (If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair) because she hasn’t heard it!  At appropriate moments during our road trip, I introduced her to numerous other songs she’d never heard, like 500 Miles and Desert Rose and African Queen

Home sweet home in the Sunset District. 

KJ’s street made me wonder what’s wrong with all the developers in Houston who put up clumps of completely identical townhomes.  When I was house shopping in the fall, I hated how so many side by side would be the exact same color and design. 

Arizmendi Bakery for breakfast!  There’s a Mexican bakery around the corner from my house in Houston, but it closed long before I moved in, so I’ve got nothing. 

Nice and sunny in the 50s and 60s.

Palace of Fine Arts.

Buying a birthday present for Megan.

I saw the famous bush man who scares tourists near here. 

I particularly like crab.


San Francisco.  Well…what else am I supposed to say?

KJ showing me around the conservatory. 

Catching one last friend from Nigeria in Berkeley before flying home on the 3-hour nighttime flight. 


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The first person we saw in LA was Ahmadu, a schoolmate from Nigeria who was a classmate of my current roommate.  He’s a junior writer for Two and a Half Men, so he took us onto the set and we got to watch Charlie Sheen and the other actors taping part of the show. 

He took us over to the casino from Ocean’s Thirteen.  A friend of his worked for that movie, and when Clooney organized a basketball league, he and his friend were on the same team as George Clooney and Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. 

He drove us around all the Warner Bros sets and studios, and we saw the ER crew out taping (but you can’t photograph anything that’s copyrighted). 

Next we found the Love man and had a great time hanging out with him showing us Newport Beach and some other great hang-outs in the OC. 

Ted, me and Doug.  On the way out of town late that night, we hung out with some more old Nigeria buds in La Mirada.  They’d just gone on the Tonight Show that day (they had tickets for me and Kathryn, but I wanted to go see Steve instead), and Doug had friends calling him from all over because he had ended up on camera with Jay Leno when Jay had gone up into the audience to play a game or something.  Did you see him in his Manchester United jersey?

Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway!

We saw a bunch of elephant seals hanging out. 

KJ had run the Big Sur marathon around here last year. 

It was worth it, and I even got to see way2brite’s university along the way!

Julie had invited us to Google HQ for lunch, and another old Rice bud came over to visit as well. 

Toilet at Google. 

On the road to California

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I heard Houstonians finally experienced some cold weather.  We tried to get out of Texas early enough Monday night to avoid the storms (10:30 pm), but an hour before San Antonio we started running into freezing rain and ice already on the roads.  Consequently, we didn’t make it to San Antonio till 3 am, and we didn’t see the last of the nasty weather and slippery asphalt till sometime after Kerrville. 

Junction, Texas:  Here’s Kathryn chipping ice off the car in the wee morning hours. 

Quite a bit had built up on the body of the car.

We found clearer skies and purpler cacti in west Texas.

New Mexico was also quite dry, but mighty pretty in places.

Tucson, Arizona! 

Snow at the Grand Canyon!

Me trying for a better view…

KJ was quite content with hers.

So now we’re on the edge of the Mojave Desert in California, and I need to get some sleep, because we have a full day tomorrow…

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Dušan and Silvie (see previous post) have joined the world of xanga, so feel free to greet them.  Not sure if they know a lot about comments, so they might be in for a surprise!  If you click on their wedding photo, you’ll see many more in their photoblog.  Her white dress had some really cool red stitching all over the top!

15 years later

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I haven’t seen my relatives in the Czech Republic since 1991. 

That was only a year after communism fell, so there was no Coca Cola to be found anywhere, and since my 3rd cousins had only just switched from studying Russian to learning English in the schools, it was vital that my grandmother accompany us so we’d have a translator. 

My cousin Dušan and his wife Silvie showed me around Prague. 

Here I am next to the bridge from which I get my middle name. 

I caught this guy drawing the couple (click to see a bigger version). 

Dušan and Silvie drove me the 3 hours to Šumperk in Moravia to spend the night with his parents. 

Here are some more cousins in Šumperk.  I had such a beautiful time with everyone, and they all treated me like royalty! 

Czech folks always wear slippers inside the home, and they typically have enough for visitors. 

Everyone stuffed me with tons of tasty food and practically poured an unending river of slivovice down my throat.  They make the slivovice themselves and even sent a big bottle of it back with me!  Not sure when I’ll get to return, but I’d like it to be far sooner than 15 years…

Unexpected encounter in Amsterdam

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 You’ll never believe who I ran into in Amsterdam!  Our flight from Lagos left around midnight and we got into Amsterdam about 5:30 am and I hung out with my bro and his wife until they left mid-morning for Texas.  After that I walked around downtown, dropped off my stuff at the Shelter, grabbed goodies from bakeries, visited Rembrandt’s house and made it to the Van Gogh museum before it closed.  There I was feeling so sleepy, and I was annoyed because I felt I should be trying my best to appreciate what I was seeing. I walked out to a big open area and heard a woman call my name!  Who could it possibly be? 


What a surprise…they weren’t even planning on visiting Amsterdam and just decided to go for it on a whim at the last minute!



dnld 005

The worship pastor from the Houston Vineyard and her husband and I got to hang out for dinner and chocolate waffles and drinks late into the night.  I never would’ve dreamed I was gonna have such a great time during my little layover here. 



dnld 002


dnld 001


dnld 003

Didn’t really go into the “coffee shops” here…



dnld 004


And one last look….



dnld 006



4 days till I’m back in Texas!