No more Nigeria

 We’re all leaving tomorrow.  It’s gone by so fast, and we’ve been doing some travelling as well, so by yesterday I think my sister-in-law was getting pretty worn out!  But it’s been fun…


mini-mini-yankari 122.jpg

Pounded yam with egusi stew! 



mini-mini-yankari 035.jpg

Baboon stylin’



mini-yankari 064.jpg

Wikki Warm Springs at Yankari (constant 31 degrees Celsius). 



mini-yankari 129.jpg

These termites didn’t have wings, so you didn’t have to go to the trouble of swatting them down…



mini-mini-HillcrestMiango 018.jpg

Visited good ol’ Hillcrest School. 



mini-mini-GogAndMagog 013.jpg

Had to take Laura up Gog and Magog–this time I was the least freaked out ever. 



mini-mini-GogAndMagog 050.jpg

For a lot of the climb, you end up inside of the big pile of rocks. 



mini-mini-GogAndMagog 080.jpg

I still got pretty woozy up at the top where there was a smaller rock you had to climb on in between bigger rocks and there was a sheer drop on both sides of the small rock!  I sat and took a breather for a while right about where Laura is in the photo above, and just tried to look up instead of down. 



mini-mini-GogAndMagog 083.jpg

The Harmattan dust has been hanging pretty heavy in the air! 



mini-mini-yankari 017.jpg

How to load up a van. 




mini-mini-yankari 011.jpg

How to load up a motorcycle.  It’s about the same for a bicycle, so I didn’t bother posting one of those. 



It’s all gone by so quickly.  I wish I could spend about a month hanging out here and taking more time to visit with people.  Plenty of the Nigerians have mentioned how they are waiting for me to bring my wife out to see everything.  Any takers? 


Happy New Year from Nigeria!  Tomorrow we drive 4 hours to Abuja, fly to Lagos, and then head to Europe tomorrow night, so we’ll be travelling aplenty…




15 Responses to “No more Nigeria”

  1. Sorry, no can do. šŸ˜‰
    Gog and Magog?  That sounds British for some reason (I’ve read enough stories about English horses in my time).
    Happy New Year!

  2. “Any takers?” Nice, Stephen. =) I’m glad you’re having such a great trip….but Houston misses you!

  3. You didn’t eat those termites, did you?

  4. wow, that looks awesome. what an experience!
    surely, there is a taker or two out there???

  5. wow! i cant believe how much u travel! that is so cool and im way jealous šŸ™‚ but yeah sweet pics. the termites one not so much maybe šŸ˜‰ haha but hey, its kinda picture worthy i guess right? anyway, hope all is well and have a GREAT new year šŸ™‚

  6. !!! great pics!!! i agree w/ meg…cool baboon. have fun in Europe!

  7. “Any takers?”…Okay Stephen I’ll marry you, but only because that was such a personal and romantic proposal ;)…haha. 
    Have a great time in Europe and if you go to Italy eat some gelato for me!

  8. happy new year.  enjoy europe.  that rock climbing looks amazing. one of my favorite things to do.  wish we had mountains here.  pardon the elementary comment. it’s three fourty and my mind shut off a couple of hours ago.  any writing??

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Ok. Nigel will take it to swim in the warm spring.

  10. awesome pics! happy new year, i can’t imagine how they pack a bike…

  11. haha … you know, i’d say yes, but since i’ve already seen it all – that would ruin the newness of some greeny going out and seeing it – so i suppose our future is doomed. šŸ™‚ glad you had fun at the motherland. i miss it.

  12. Love the pics. Makes me homesick. I so wish I’d gone out this Christmas…I was suppossed to but then changed my mind last minute. We’ll have to coordinate next time. P.S. – I never use xanga anymore, so I’m glad I happened to see your update.

  13. Happy New Year my friend! love all the pics! that hot spring looked amazing!! props for the mass proposal, that takes guts! (or something!) 

  14. mass proposal= mass groaning from women across america….
    Overall great pics… BUT that first one!!! omg!! that’s blackmail material right there….but she must be a pretty cool girl to allow you to take a picture like that. Maybe she has a sister for ya….

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