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Had some pizza here.  And yes Elizabeth, I did make it to Ray’s later!

Didn’t feel brave enough to snap photos of all the Chinese folks buying and selling fish and produce on the market streets, but I’m wondering if anyone knows if these Chinese characters are just as made up as the fake European-looking name of this American ice cream company? 

Off to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall!  Would you believe their finale ended with live sheep and camels hanging out with Mary, Joseph and Jesus and no dancers on stage at all? 

I walked a lot all week, so walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in search of the Jacques Torres at 66 Water Street was only pleasurable with the great views of Brooklyn and Manhattan and the joy of the wind whipping over the water.  I wasn’t disappointed by the chocolate shop, either!  The hot cocoa was just as extremely thick as the kind I’d had at a chocolatier in Paris last spring (not unlike  Starbucks’ occasional Chantico offering).  I went with the Wicked flavor (blessed with a blend of cinnamon, sweet ancho chili peppers, and even chipotle). 

Nigerian Danny and Mexican Danny sitting in front of Nigerian Danny’s house only a couple hundred yards from the Capitol building at the end of the street. 

Mexican Danny walking past the Supreme Court building.  His intern badge got us into the Capitol building, and a senator staffer friend of his hooked us up with some Senate and House gallery passes.

Mexican Danny enthusiastically expounded upon the exquisite detail taken by the Italian dude who painted the Capitol building over a 35-year period. 

There he is!   Apparently, he prayed that God would keep him alive until he finished his work.

Guess I wouldn’t have expected the interior of the Capitol to look quite like this.  Some consultant for the government who’s a regular at the coffee shop Danny works at was in the Senate gallery just watching for fun like we were, and he went with us over to the House gallery.  He knew all the juicy stories about all the reps who will milling around talking because they were taking a vote.  I couldn’t take my camera in, so I didn’t get a shot of who he pointed out the hottest Congresswoman to be. 

The Dannys took me out salsa dancing Friday night, and then on Saturday night, Mexican Danny got to participate in a mini Nigerian reunion at the Starfish Cafe where Nigerian Danny works (excellent Latin American seafood over on 8th near G Street). 


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  1. fun trip! ….and Nigerian Danny looks about as Nigerian as Nigerian Stephen.

  2. Yes, yes, I was just trying to distinguish betweeen them!

  3. great pics, thanks for sharing!

  4. what a lovely trip!! (and I also saw that rockettes show and was a bit surprised when they ended it with baby Jesus).. I wanna go on a trip now…

  5. makes me really wanna go, but i have to wait til january 😦

  6. ohhh such great pics. i’m glad you had fun!! and SALSA dancing too…woo hoo

  7. Walking=fun!  Your pics bring back good memories…
    I think that Korean letters would be more likely to spell out “Haagen Dazs” than Chinese characters…

  8. the chinese characters are a translation of “Finest Ice Cream in the World”! :). i want to take a trip!

  9. heck yes! i LOVE country music!

  10. u were in new york???!?!??!?!?! wasnt it sobering to be at ground zero? yeah.
    i wanted so badly to go to the brooklyn bridge but it never worked out with all the classes and work i had to do there. but someday….
    also, did u enjoy the salsa dancing? TOTALLY my passion! takes awhile to get the hang of tho, esp if ur a guy.
    ur quite the little traveller. very nice. so what brought u to new york all the way from houston and how long were u there?

  11. ahh! fun!!!!! but did u like the dancing? haha and all those other good questions i asked 🙂

  12. lol. why don’t you come visit and we’ll see what we can arrange. 😉

  13. I love your posts and live vicariously through you.  You do the coolest things.

  14. I took a picture of “food” shopping in Chinatown on the street when Chip and I went in Sept ’05…check out pic #108.

  15. The Chinese character says, “All types of fruit juice.”
    Chinese lessons anyone?

  16. I had a Chinese roommate in boarding school and all I learned was hi, how are you, I’m fine, and can I borrow that shirt?
    Man, salsa dancing. I haven’t done that since college. That’s totally what I need to get this kid out!

  17. Man, you live an amazing life! I think you know half the world and have visited them, too! I love reading your posts…so interesting and educational:) The squirly post was so fun!Driggers isn’t a name you hear often, so the fact you knew others with the same last name, even tho in Africa strikes me as very intreaging!

  18. that’s danny conlon!!

  19. you know jeff sung???? nice pics i particularly love the brooklyn bridge one

  20. Wow there are chinese people in new york? :O

  21. well considering you go to cool places like NYC and DC but not pit stop at TN – why should i wait, huey! 🙂

  22. we were having a conversation about the rockettes the other day, but you didn’t tell me you got to see them in ny! that’s pretty awesome.

  23. Nice pics. I heart NYC.

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