my dream come true

Our rendition of Nsync’s Bye Bye Bye at the Christmas Ball…we weren’t on until late in the night, and I went to the bathroom 5 times after getting there and didn’t feel like eating much till after we finished the dance. 


17 Responses to “my dream come true”

  1. nervous, were you??don’t worry — you performed like a pro πŸ™‚ I’ve never seen anything quite like it in my life..

  2. Stephen, you were fabulous!! (and hilarious!!!) all the girls were swooning. …or something like that.

  3. i pretty much hate you for getting to go back to nigeria.
    jk – i’m glad you get to go back. i wish i could too.

  4. Yep. You were wonderful! I want to see it again! Wait… I can! Over and over again! I’m still laughing!

  5. THAT just made my night.
    sadly, i once knew the actual choreography to that song. you guys rocked out. wish i could have seen that live!

  6. Hehehehe.. I wondered why you didnt dance to much… but good job!! and its forever memorialized on google video.

  7. Good job.  I think you have your career as a music artist/boy band member cut out for you.
    Are you ready to have peeps mobbing you for autographs?

  8. Ha, so now that you have finally fulfilled your dream, what do you have left to accomplish? j/k 
    I can imagine that that would have definitley made anybody nervous.  However, y’all did a good job.  That looked like fun.

  9. nervous? we couldn’t tell. nice job!

  10. I’m sorry you were so nervous but it was so worth it to the rest of us! Good job.

  11. that was hot! especially when you finally started picking up the moves a third of the way through.. haha.. =)

  12. Job very well done; I enjoyed it much!  I went to an NSYNC concert back in the day and well I’ve never seen anything quite like this πŸ™‚ I loved it, it made me laugh.

  13. Can I show Bonnie?  I think she’s also been to an ‘NSync concert…

  14. oh, man….stephen, you’re hilarious! that video definitely gave me some good laughs. you were awesome!

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