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No more Nigeria

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 We’re all leaving tomorrow.  It’s gone by so fast, and we’ve been doing some travelling as well, so by yesterday I think my sister-in-law was getting pretty worn out!  But it’s been fun…


mini-mini-yankari 122.jpg

Pounded yam with egusi stew! 



mini-mini-yankari 035.jpg

Baboon stylin’



mini-yankari 064.jpg

Wikki Warm Springs at Yankari (constant 31 degrees Celsius). 



mini-yankari 129.jpg

These termites didn’t have wings, so you didn’t have to go to the trouble of swatting them down…



mini-mini-HillcrestMiango 018.jpg

Visited good ol’ Hillcrest School. 



mini-mini-GogAndMagog 013.jpg

Had to take Laura up Gog and Magog–this time I was the least freaked out ever. 



mini-mini-GogAndMagog 050.jpg

For a lot of the climb, you end up inside of the big pile of rocks. 



mini-mini-GogAndMagog 080.jpg

I still got pretty woozy up at the top where there was a smaller rock you had to climb on in between bigger rocks and there was a sheer drop on both sides of the small rock!  I sat and took a breather for a while right about where Laura is in the photo above, and just tried to look up instead of down. 



mini-mini-GogAndMagog 083.jpg

The Harmattan dust has been hanging pretty heavy in the air! 



mini-mini-yankari 017.jpg

How to load up a van. 




mini-mini-yankari 011.jpg

How to load up a motorcycle.  It’s about the same for a bicycle, so I didn’t bother posting one of those. 



It’s all gone by so quickly.  I wish I could spend about a month hanging out here and taking more time to visit with people.  Plenty of the Nigerians have mentioned how they are waiting for me to bring my wife out to see everything.  Any takers? 


Happy New Year from Nigeria!  Tomorrow we drive 4 hours to Abuja, fly to Lagos, and then head to Europe tomorrow night, so we’ll be travelling aplenty…




I finally did it

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Click on any of these for a larger version…


mini-nigeria1st2days 123

I’d never been rappelling before and was pretty freaked out beforehand, but it wasn’t so bad going down, and I even made it a second time! 


mini-nigeria1st2days 128

Here in Plateau State, the terrain is characterized by hills with countless volcanic boulders of all sizes.  This is the rock face we go rappelling down. 




Here’s a video of my bro going down Aussie style and stopping to do a handstand for us.  I honestly can’t remember him ever being afraid of trying anything. 




mini-nigeria1st2days 076

Here’s the spot my brother landed at the end of his 80-foot freefall in May 2001.  He’d gone Aussie style (face forward) numerous times and was one of Coach Tolar’s most trained boys, but there was confusion on the ground and the guy didn’t belay John in time on his handsfree monster jump.  He doesn’t really remember that jump, but everyone else does and is glad he’s alive!  Nigerian Danny from my previous post is from the nearby town of Miango and says that the locals still talk about how some passersby saw men in white flying next to the bature boy on his way down.  Notice that with a rock behind John and Laura, the strip of dirt he managed to land on is pretty narrow amongst all those hard rocks!   




mini-nigeria1st2days 088

It’ll be green as far as the eye can see in the rainy season!  Right now, the Harmattan makes the horizon hazy and our bodies pretty dusty. 



mini-nigeria1st2days 090

Plenty of children from the tiny village nearby stopped on the path down below to watch for hours, and the more adventurous ones came up for a closer view. 



mini-nigeria1st2days 011

Here’s the main mosque in Abuja (where we flew into a couple of nights ago).  While there, I got to meet up with a Nigerian classmate of mine who’s working at the Ministry of Defence (she’d kill me if I posted the photo of us on here), and John got to see one of his old Lebanese classmates. 




The Lebanese family has a concrete airplane constructed on top of their house in Abuja.  Here’s a Washington Post article with another photo of the house. 



Merry Christmas from Nigeria!



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Click on any of the following to see a larger version…

Had some pizza here.  And yes Elizabeth, I did make it to Ray’s later!

Didn’t feel brave enough to snap photos of all the Chinese folks buying and selling fish and produce on the market streets, but I’m wondering if anyone knows if these Chinese characters are just as made up as the fake European-looking name of this American ice cream company? 

Off to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall!  Would you believe their finale ended with live sheep and camels hanging out with Mary, Joseph and Jesus and no dancers on stage at all? 

I walked a lot all week, so walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in search of the Jacques Torres at 66 Water Street was only pleasurable with the great views of Brooklyn and Manhattan and the joy of the wind whipping over the water.  I wasn’t disappointed by the chocolate shop, either!  The hot cocoa was just as extremely thick as the kind I’d had at a chocolatier in Paris last spring (not unlike  Starbucks’ occasional Chantico offering).  I went with the Wicked flavor (blessed with a blend of cinnamon, sweet ancho chili peppers, and even chipotle). 

Nigerian Danny and Mexican Danny sitting in front of Nigerian Danny’s house only a couple hundred yards from the Capitol building at the end of the street. 

Mexican Danny walking past the Supreme Court building.  His intern badge got us into the Capitol building, and a senator staffer friend of his hooked us up with some Senate and House gallery passes.

Mexican Danny enthusiastically expounded upon the exquisite detail taken by the Italian dude who painted the Capitol building over a 35-year period. 

There he is!   Apparently, he prayed that God would keep him alive until he finished his work.

Guess I wouldn’t have expected the interior of the Capitol to look quite like this.  Some consultant for the government who’s a regular at the coffee shop Danny works at was in the Senate gallery just watching for fun like we were, and he went with us over to the House gallery.  He knew all the juicy stories about all the reps who will milling around talking because they were taking a vote.  I couldn’t take my camera in, so I didn’t get a shot of who he pointed out the hottest Congresswoman to be. 

The Dannys took me out salsa dancing Friday night, and then on Saturday night, Mexican Danny got to participate in a mini Nigerian reunion at the Starfish Cafe where Nigerian Danny works (excellent Latin American seafood over on 8th near G Street). 

photo of the chief

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There were requests for photos of the woman I knew being made a chief in Nigeria.  This is the only one I’ve seen (it’s when she’s on the horse), and the brief article about Giginyan Kaltungo (the name they honored her with) is temporarily on the town’s website.

my dream come true

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Our rendition of Nsync’s Bye Bye Bye at the Christmas Ball…we weren’t on until late in the night, and I went to the bathroom 5 times after getting there and didn’t feel like eating much till after we finished the dance.