Brushing up my reputation with squirrels

Lucky made it difficult to get a good picture since he kept running down my arms for my camera.  

I wondered how to tell it was a he.  It was obvious when he became slightly aroused (let the record show that he was far from me at the time).  

My old college roommate and his wife found Lucky when he was an itty bitty shriveled pink baby fallen from his nest after his mama got run over by a car.  He hadn’t yet opened his eyes, so he had no idea how imprudent it was to go foraging for food with neither vision nor sufficiently developed muscles.  That’s why he was just laying there under the heartlessly relentless rays of Texas’ cruel August sun, learning all too early how life could seduce you into thinking the world was full of eternal caresses of…ok, ok, ok.  Sorry.  Just scroll down and forget about it.  

So he’s lucky to be alive.  

He gets thirsty after running around the house.  

They wondered if he’d ever be able to survive in the wild and were surprised to see him try to bury a pecan for the first time ever.  

So he hasn’t had any contact with other squirrels since they took him in.  We can only hope that his fellow squirrels will accept him instead of making fun of his lack of lack of skills, welcome him instead of distrustring his friendliness with humans, and not chastise him for drinking from a silver spoon while growing up.  (Well, it’s not real silver, but stainless steel or whatever that silver-colored metal was is way more than most squirrels have to drink out of).  


15 Responses to “Brushing up my reputation with squirrels”

  1. what are you doing to that poor squirrel.. what if he has rabies and bites your leg off?

  2. aww…what if he doesn’t make it out there. i can’t even think about it.

  3. ok, wow.  That’s crazy.  I like looking at squirrels, I think they’re cute, but when they get close, I kind of freak out!  Well, I don’t kind of, I DO freak out.

  4. I love squirrels!! and that’s such a great thing…you have very good friends. You know, he should go to the U of H campus. That’s like squirrel heaven… Most of the squirrels are already pretty tame to people, and they get fed student lunches all the time… I used to feed them when I went there with my mom. You know the video with the pecan gave me a dejavue to the squirrel scene in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory… its exactly the same… so maybe the squirrel has a future in hollywood…

  5. Okay, whoa whoa whoa. I get freaked out enough just watching the little buggers scurry around in the wild. I cannot imagine one scurrying over me. You are much braver than I am.I like how the “related videos” after your squirrel saga are a picture of a coffee maker, a Family Guy scene, and a dude singing with extreme passion. Related? Erm, yeah. Sure.

  6. So you’re not gonna make this one dinner? Just had to ask in light of past behaviors…He’s cute.. I think I’m with RH.. take him to Hollywood! He could be a movie squirrel!!

  7. You scoping out dinner for you and James just in case the winter gets pretty tough this year?  Ha, I kid, I kid.  Cute squirrel!  I always thought it would be cool to have one as a pet.  They’re like little hamsters with tails, only cuter…and with attitude.  My roommate’s family rescued a baby squirrel once.  She said that it used to take naps under their pillows on their beds during the day.  I believe that they finally released it outside by their house.  That was good because it still gave it independence, but they could also keep their eye on him as well.  I hope that your friends find a good home for Lucky!

  8. ryc: you didn’t know we got married???? yea, it was june 17th.

  9. i want a squirrel

  10. Aaleonards took the words out of my mouth! 😉  These are much better than the pictures Tiberius posted.
    This is crazy, but some friends of mine at Rice found a squirrel and nursed it for a month or so before releasing it back into the azalea hedges.

  11. What a cute little guy!!

  12. cute ~
    haha. the last contact i had with a squirrel was when i skinned one in my comparative vertebrate anatomy class. it had a bullet through its eye … lol.
    and what’s so fascinating about the picture? i liked the angles on it – it’s not a straight up, generic shot. i like yours too!

  13. oh man, reminds me of finding hedgehogs in Niger and raising them….slightly different from squirrels….but yea, anyway, very cool!

  14. Come watch the video on my site!!!!

  15. Great pictures And yes, good to hear that you have nothing to do with the arousal of male squirrels.

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