Half a decade ago in a slightly ghetto apartment near Kirby & Main I lived with a bunch of guys, one of whom was a hyper grad student named Damian.  He works with computer chips, but he really likes making videos, and I’ve got one for you to see.  While I have to admit it isn’t the best thing I’ve seen him come up with (my imagination harkens back to the days of Moronic Kombat, available only on VHS), the best part about it is that while he’s actually trying to get into character, I feel like the personality coming through is 95% Damian, so you can totally catch the vibe of what this guy was like all the time!  His energy level and frequent gutteral giggle seem to never fail, and here there are several times when I can tell he’s straining not to laugh.  He picked up the name mono loco (crazy monkey) from a summer we spent at Monterrey Tec in Mexico, and if I was feeling lethargic or down or whatever, all I needed was a little dose of Damian to start laughing and feeling wild and crazy. 


8 Responses to “”

  1. That is so weird.  But it made me laugh

  2. I like what his shirt says.
    I guess I am a moron. πŸ™‚

  3. unfortunately, i made it all the way through

  4. that cracked me up. and yep, like chip, i made it all the way through.

  5. If by chopping down the tree you mean went to a place that had chopped down trees that were grown this season then yes.  One of my favorite memories of childhood was riding on a hay ride to find the perfect tree, my Dad cutting it down, then taking it home…I don’t know of anything like that here AND I’m thinking it would take me an entire year to chop it down myself…maybe that will be something to do with the family some day

  6. yeah … you can’t ever give blood. they won’t let you … believe me, i’ve tried! well – you can’t in THIS country, anyway. the philippines will let you. πŸ™‚

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