James and I headed down to my aunt and uncle’s farmhouse near Palacios for Thanksgiving and ate too much food with about 25 other people…

James learns a little about riding horses from Uncle Russell…

…and a little about combines from Grandpa.  

The kids learn a little bit about how locusts shed their exoskeletons…

…and get bored with that so they come for me instead.  

James brings the old gelding in after a long hard ride. 


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  1. Nice pics. RYC, actually I’ve known Topher for about ten years now. He and I are old YWAM buddies. I’ve never met Jeanna in person. My connection to Houston comes from when I lived there for a few years.  

  2. oh my! love the pics…i’m glad ya’ll had a good time.

  3. yay for horses, uncle russel, and granpa!!! so great.

  4. Good job, James.  I always wished I could ride horses, ever since I was a little girl. 🙂

  5. That video is hysterical – James doesn’t know what to say or where to put his hands

  6. so fun. our day at the farm ended with a broken collar bone. =( my dad flipped off the four-wheeler….

  7. such is how the pilgrims probably celebrated the first thanksgiving…

  8. RYC:  I do like fresh green beans, stir-fried or steamed.  We always just had canned green beans as kids.  And this green bean casserole definitely had some fresh stuff.

  9. Looks like you had lots of fun. Good times.

  10. Does your family often tie you to a tree?

  11. tying stephen to a tree is the best idea of the day.. have to remember that one.

  12. Oh man, I miss riding. And Palacios is a pretty place.I like how James looks reeeeeeeeally nervous in the video.

  13. What a great uncle!! he’s so right.. when you go into a gallop its so smooth and wonderful.. like you’re flying… I miss riding horses. anyhow,
    great post! looks like you two had a great thanksgiving!

  14. Very cool! Sounds like you had a good time. I am thankful for you and James.

  15. Great pics and videos on this page; your comments on Oatwoman’s page keep making me laugh, so here I am.

  16. in regard to ur last comment on my last post:

    hahahahah! first of all, thanks for the xanga comment love. its been awhile since anyone left me a nice little message to come to 😦 so thanks! also, i guess most women do…most guys have rough skin so ur not missing too much (altho most girls LOVE that about guys) by not rubbing their skin a whole lot, seeing as how u like skin soft haha
    isnt it funny the differences guys and girls have on a physical level? its fascinating to me anyway

  17. first of all, what is RYC? second of all, i know i do and that ive heard and read that a number of girls do too. haha, interesting that it surprises u. maybe i should! not tonight/this morning tho 🙂

  18. haha oh wow! gotcha! regarding your comment. nice! makes life easier for me now. anyway, haha yeah that would be interesting to meet. but not swap opinions of skin smoothness/roughness 😉 haha
    p.s. we might as well be talking on aim for how many comments we just posted haha

  19. the background reminds me of the ranch my family had. it was a cool place to hang out at as a kid.

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