Saturday November 18, 2006 2-9 pm

Only a couple more days till ARTCRAWL Houston.  Just park your car, walk around, and then hop on one of the shuttles scuttling around from one clump of art galleries and design studios to the next.  Check the FAQs for more info, and check out this handy interactive map that allows you to more easily explore what’s where. 

Ever seen a French chef passing the offering bag at the Vineyard?  Our very own Francis Jacquinet is not only a culinary instructor, but he has a gallery of paintings as well.   He’ll probably have some wine and cheese and other goodies out, so make sure to find his place on the map and go meet the guy. 

It’s all free, so take advantage of the opportunity.  And then if you get done before 8 pm and feel like spending some money (it’s well worth it), head over to the Barnevelder Movement Complex for some dancing you won’t regret.  If you can’t make it then, Ad Deum will still be there on Sunday afternoon, so you’ll have a second chance. 

I’m getting a full course this week:  visual arts, dancing AND drama.  I’m so glad I made it to Miller Outdoor Theater on Tuesday morning to see David.  I highly recommend checking out Interactive Theater whenever you can. 

Note that there is no proven correlation between my unemployment and an increased rate of hanging around artists. 


9 Responses to “Saturday November 18, 2006 2-9 pm”

  1. Young Audiences=cool.  Go David Ello!
    I won’t be able make it unless I can’t get on the plane to St. Louis somehow…

  2. that was me just being nitter..haha. tons of people seem to read my blogs, but never comment! haha!

  3. that would be “bitter”

  4. oo! i love art crawl! we saw the coolest glass studio two years ago!

  5. ryc – it’s janice, the coolest rocker-chick muppet!

  6. Have you seen the art car parade that happens in May along Allen Pkway?

  7. I heard that you were at the Ad Deum show! So what did you think? Did you have a favorite piece?

  8. The one where they were sliding in and out and over and around the chairs was pretty sweet!

  9. lol. no. it’s rosalind franklin in chicago. no schools in texas. b/c texas likes texans … i don’t stand a chance. 🙂

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