So I’m no longer employed. It’s a short story that I usually make into a long one, so I don’t feel like going into how I lost my job right here (and no, it didn’t have anything to do with my previous post!). But I’m ok with it, and I desire to search out the ways this loss can become an opportunity.


I love looking at the light coming into my living room. I’ve been able to do that more lately. And 16.13 months after moving into this house, I finally noticed that there are so many different kinds of trees in my backyard.


The other night, a bunch of us worked for a friend who was organizing a massive party for thousands of visitors at NASA’s Space Center.  I think there were around 50 of us, and we each got assigned to a bus. 

So in the last few days, plenty of friends have asked me about looking for a new job.  Perhaps I’ll feel more desperate later on, but I hope not, because I really don’t want to rush into just anything.


With free time on my hands, I’ve certainly been tempted to take off for faraway places like this volcano in central Mexico that I visited a couple of summers ago (see loads of photos here – you can drive to the top in an hour, but I’ve always thought about taking back a group to hike it in a day or two). Fortunately God worked out the timing so that my commitment to Living Waters would keep me from straying too far too much right now. πŸ™‚


Today was gorgeous, although 80 is a bit hot for November. This photo is from 2 Novembers ago in Chicago, and I’d like to put in an order for approximately 50% of the cold they have up there. Anyway, I’m trying to proactively take steps to make the most of this chance. I feel as if it could be a now-or-never kind of time for figuring out some stuff in my life.


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  1. we look so noble….and by noble I mean completely goofy, of course…

  2. it was nice to meet you too!you were one of the last xanga ppl i was really wanting to meet.glad it happened πŸ™‚

  3. hahaha we do look goofy! I’m hearing some good stuff from you Naija…keep up it up. God’s got your back, yup he sure does!! Oh and that pic of your window and the sunlight is gorgeous.

  4. ***oops! correction I meant keep IT up. I don’t know where “keep up it up” came from. hehe.

  5. come back to jpm! =)

  6. After the other night, maybe Nasa will offer you a job.

  7. Oh!  I’m with you on the travel thing!  Gosh, if I had both the time and the money I would travel so many places!  I enjoy your travel pictures.  They make me really want to visit those places.
    I’m sorry to hear about your job but I also hope that you enjoy your time off!  If you ever need a diversion you are always welcome to come up to College Station.  We’re usually up to something fun.

  8. i wanna go there…well, maybe i just wanna go somewhere.  it’s wonderful that you don’t want to settle.  yay for a way late night post.  have you written today? it’s a beatiful day to write outside.  yay.  this comment is totally disjunct, but it’s indicitive of my current state and therefore rather appropriate πŸ™‚

  9. hmmmm… I’m excited for you…

  10. if you get really seperate, i can hire you to do laundry, dishes, floors…hahaha! there just doesn’t seem to be enough time for that these days…anyway, i’d like to hear the full story one day.
    the nasa pic rocks!

  11. I’m sure you’ll get through this just fine, you always do. Great pics!

  12. I’m sorry you lost your job. But I think it’s fantastic that you’re taking a life evaluation and that God is doing for you now what you didn’t know you needed.

  13. Your first picture reminded me that I like morning light waking me up.
    I’m thankful you have some time to work through your stuff, friend!  Tarry on and enjoy…maybe you can come to school to see Alison and me =)

  14. “and will you succeed? yes you will, indeed! (ninety-nine and three fourths percent, guarenteed.) kid, you’ll move mountains.”
                          – Dr. Suess

  15. the nasa costumes look like something out of pee-wees big adventure.

  16. you look like such a dork in those coveralls!! (and I say that lovingly)

  17. lo siento, hun…but then again, since you’re not feeling it too badly, maybe congratulations are in order?  i do hope you find exactly what it is you might be looking for, and the happiness that should accompany it.  you take great pictures, by the way.

  18. yes, i’ve long used and abandoned xanga, but i come on here to read yours and julia’s stuff from time to time.  “He” is a special someone that no one will probably ever meet .

  19. And a good opportunity it will be! Go for your dreams!
    Thanks for grilling tonight. You and James really made my day.

  20. I just saw your Halloween post…… great stuff!  I am dying over the Geek.  How funny!
    I’ll be praying for you during this transition…  what an adventure…!

  21. uh…sorry to hear about your job. those dirty rats! how could they let a good guy like you go???keep us posted bro.

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