Pardon my absence.  Been busy.  But I’ll take the time to show you some photos and videos from Halloween at the office and later that night. 

Much obliged to Jill for the attire and pistols!  The cap guns were a particularly big hit.  Fortunately, I had a couple of my grandad’s big belt buckles.  However, I chose a plain Big Tex kind of star over the one with the longhorn in between two oil rigs. 


Lina’s mom made her tuna costume.  

No one else dressed up in the office…here’s Rachel a.k.a. the bubble fairy that night.  

Apparently on special that day.  

The chai guy and co.

Chai guy again…

The girls held up longer than the guys with chubby bunny!

Piñata innards alight upon the kids and candy. 


17 Responses to “”

  1. looks like so much fun!

  2. stephen, have you noticed that everyone besides you and Mike are actually working in that video?! maybe you should take their cue! 🙂

  3. (and Mike is stinking hilarious!)

  4. Yeah, so what do you actually do in the office?
    Very nice pics

  5. hahah!!! i was super embarassed after hitting that pinata. So glad its been memorialized! ( no worries.. its not a terrible video.. but I would like to point out that the screaming in the background doesnt match my mouth.. therefore ITS NOT ME)
    You as a cowboy, was great.. ALTHOUGH.. the cap gun about drove me insane! I’m so glad you got hook on tape- he was super realistic , kind of unnerved me…(nice job chaiman). sigh.. Our youth group is so great!!

  6. I’m glad you decided on a non-longhorn belt buckle.

  7. I can’t believe you would turn down a belt buckle with a longhorn between two oil rigs.  But since I went to UT and work for an oil company I could be slightly biased.

  8. Due to some misunderstandings, I feel the need to explain that I was joking about the mermaid being a tuna.

  9. I’m with Geneva, the non-longhorn belt buckle was a nice choice.  I go to A&M… I am biased 😉

  10. Wonderful pics and video! That was mucho fun seeing Rachel bash that pinata. Go Bubble Fairy! hehehe

  11. Anonymous Says:

    that pinata pic. is my favorite! but i haven’t watched the videos yet because i don’t want to have to turn down my new flaming lips cd.

  12. what is happening!!!

  13. I know you meant the cowboy outfit to be a “costume”, but, ahem, I don’t think it’s out of the ordinary in Houston.

  14. so the nerdwerd is married. what’s the big idea? 🙂 neva told me today you had a video of it on your xanga so just had to check it out~

  15. That all looks pretty much amazing.

  16. Glad that you are back posting, looking foward to watching the videos

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