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Brushing up my reputation with squirrels

Posted in Uncategorized on November 29, 2006 by stephenhuey

Lucky made it difficult to get a good picture since he kept running down my arms for my camera.  

I wondered how to tell it was a he.  It was obvious when he became slightly aroused (let the record show that he was far from me at the time).  

My old college roommate and his wife found Lucky when he was an itty bitty shriveled pink baby fallen from his nest after his mama got run over by a car.  He hadn’t yet opened his eyes, so he had no idea how imprudent it was to go foraging for food with neither vision nor sufficiently developed muscles.  That’s why he was just laying there under the heartlessly relentless rays of Texas’ cruel August sun, learning all too early how life could seduce you into thinking the world was full of eternal caresses of…ok, ok, ok.  Sorry.  Just scroll down and forget about it.  

So he’s lucky to be alive.  

He gets thirsty after running around the house.  

They wondered if he’d ever be able to survive in the wild and were surprised to see him try to bury a pecan for the first time ever.  

So he hasn’t had any contact with other squirrels since they took him in.  We can only hope that his fellow squirrels will accept him instead of making fun of his lack of lack of skills, welcome him instead of distrustring his friendliness with humans, and not chastise him for drinking from a silver spoon while growing up.  (Well, it’s not real silver, but stainless steel or whatever that silver-colored metal was is way more than most squirrels have to drink out of).  


Hell and Houston are both freezing over

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Just in time for freezing weather to blast us at the end of this week, the Rice Owls have been invited to their first bowl game in 45 years!  They got that gigantic stadium that can hold all alums (living and dead) after their last bowl game win in 1950, so if they triumph, it’ll be their first bowl win in 56 years. 

Never really visited New Orleans, but I don’t have to decide whether or not to go since I’ll already be out of the country on December 22nd.  Maybe all the Longhorns should carpool over there to help cheer (at least you know where this bowl game will be). 

The heart is powerful

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So I’m laying here with my Macbook resting on my lap, and I put my legs down so that my laptop was sitting across my legs and then noticed that the laptop was quivering every second or so.  My heartbeat! 

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Half a decade ago in a slightly ghetto apartment near Kirby & Main I lived with a bunch of guys, one of whom was a hyper grad student named Damian.  He works with computer chips, but he really likes making videos, and I’ve got one for you to see.  While I have to admit it isn’t the best thing I’ve seen him come up with (my imagination harkens back to the days of Moronic Kombat, available only on VHS), the best part about it is that while he’s actually trying to get into character, I feel like the personality coming through is 95% Damian, so you can totally catch the vibe of what this guy was like all the time!  His energy level and frequent gutteral giggle seem to never fail, and here there are several times when I can tell he’s straining not to laugh.  He picked up the name mono loco (crazy monkey) from a summer we spent at Monterrey Tec in Mexico, and if I was feeling lethargic or down or whatever, all I needed was a little dose of Damian to start laughing and feeling wild and crazy. 

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James and I headed down to my aunt and uncle’s farmhouse near Palacios for Thanksgiving and ate too much food with about 25 other people…

James learns a little about riding horses from Uncle Russell…

…and a little about combines from Grandpa.  

The kids learn a little bit about how locusts shed their exoskeletons…

…and get bored with that so they come for me instead.  

James brings the old gelding in after a long hard ride. 

Saturday November 18, 2006 2-9 pm

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Only a couple more days till ARTCRAWL Houston.  Just park your car, walk around, and then hop on one of the shuttles scuttling around from one clump of art galleries and design studios to the next.  Check the FAQs for more info, and check out this handy interactive map that allows you to more easily explore what’s where. 

Ever seen a French chef passing the offering bag at the Vineyard?  Our very own Francis Jacquinet is not only a culinary instructor, but he has a gallery of paintings as well.   He’ll probably have some wine and cheese and other goodies out, so make sure to find his place on the map and go meet the guy. 

It’s all free, so take advantage of the opportunity.  And then if you get done before 8 pm and feel like spending some money (it’s well worth it), head over to the Barnevelder Movement Complex for some dancing you won’t regret.  If you can’t make it then, Ad Deum will still be there on Sunday afternoon, so you’ll have a second chance. 

I’m getting a full course this week:  visual arts, dancing AND drama.  I’m so glad I made it to Miller Outdoor Theater on Tuesday morning to see David.  I highly recommend checking out Interactive Theater whenever you can. 

Note that there is no proven correlation between my unemployment and an increased rate of hanging around artists. 

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So I’m no longer employed. It’s a short story that I usually make into a long one, so I don’t feel like going into how I lost my job right here (and no, it didn’t have anything to do with my previous post!). But I’m ok with it, and I desire to search out the ways this loss can become an opportunity.


I love looking at the light coming into my living room. I’ve been able to do that more lately. And 16.13 months after moving into this house, I finally noticed that there are so many different kinds of trees in my backyard.


The other night, a bunch of us worked for a friend who was organizing a massive party for thousands of visitors at NASA’s Space Center.  I think there were around 50 of us, and we each got assigned to a bus. 

So in the last few days, plenty of friends have asked me about looking for a new job.  Perhaps I’ll feel more desperate later on, but I hope not, because I really don’t want to rush into just anything.


With free time on my hands, I’ve certainly been tempted to take off for faraway places like this volcano in central Mexico that I visited a couple of summers ago (see loads of photos here – you can drive to the top in an hour, but I’ve always thought about taking back a group to hike it in a day or two). Fortunately God worked out the timing so that my commitment to Living Waters would keep me from straying too far too much right now. 🙂


Today was gorgeous, although 80 is a bit hot for November. This photo is from 2 Novembers ago in Chicago, and I’d like to put in an order for approximately 50% of the cold they have up there. Anyway, I’m trying to proactively take steps to make the most of this chance. I feel as if it could be a now-or-never kind of time for figuring out some stuff in my life.