Why bother seeing the world for real?

Been eating a lot of cake lately because we’ve had 3 birthdays in our office this week, and we always have a vegan cake alongside the other one.  Anyway, I found something interesting to look at while having cake and coffee or anytime you’re needing to pass the time.  

Despite the fact that there are better photos of Machu Picchu out there, it’s kind of fun to go there on Google Maps.  That’s one of the intriguing places you expect to see on there, but an independent website called Google Sightseeing has collected some surprising  discoveries (along with those oooh aaah landmarks we already know to exist), and a few of them are below.  Just click on the photo and zoom in (note that some of these don’t have imagery on the closest zoom level, so the best you can get is the next to closest zoom level).  If you click on each picture, Google Sightseeing has a little blurb about it on the left and a link to some more information (the blurb seems to show up better in Firefox than Internet Explorer). 

For years Dubai, the up-and-coming financial center of the Middle East, has been building the Palm Islands and filling them with houses expected to become homes for various celebrities and dignitaries from around the world.  The resolution is now high enough that you can zoom in to see all the houses.  


An interdimensional portal to the netherworld seems to be hovering over the Netherlands.  Try zooming in and out. 


Mid-air refueling at night.  This photo shows how the satellite images are taken with a high-res black and white photo and merged with a low-res color photo (there must have been a long enough delay in between the two snapshots to create the ghosting effect you see here).  


The submarine USS San Francisco pulled into one of the largest floating dry-docks in the world (off the island of Guam) for emergency repairs in January 2005.  While you’re in the Pacific, go check out Iwo Jima.




A submerged drug dealer’s plane in the Bahamas?  You need to zoom in a bit to see it better.



A warped image of a plane in flight.  Lots of theories to explain it have been put forth in this discussion.  




People have found lots of submarines sitting in dock around the globe, but someone stumbled upon this one plowing through the surface of the sea.  If you zoom out you’ll see it’s between China and North Korea.  



Someone near Abu Dhabi is laughing at us.  Or perhaps they’re about to sneeze because of all the dust from the desert.  


Pink bunnies half the size of a football field are all the rage in the Italian countryside.  

Supposedly these are tourists feeding schools of stingrays near where Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter) recently died from being stung by one of their poisonous barbs.  


Mount Oyama on the Japanese island of Miyakejima.  


This giant alien bug over Germany was not actually flying in between the satellite’s camera and the ground.  It seems to have been hanging out in the scanner used to process the satellite photos.  Click the picture to see it hovering over the countryside. 





19 Responses to “Why bother seeing the world for real?”

  1. That’s cool stuff.  I think the bug is particuluarly humorous.  Oh, and Machu Picchu, I’ve always wanted to see that!  I had an MK friend who grew up in Peru and she told me how incredible it is.  
    The Dubai thing is interesting as well.  I remember watching some show (maybe it was on the Discovery channel?) where they showed the city of Dubai and all of its hotels, malls, restaurants.  It was strange to see such a large city that was all pretty much brand new.  I think they said most of the buildings were maybe 10-15 years old.  They also showed that housing development that you have on the map.  Those are some expensive houses! 
    Hmmmm…so many possible travels, so little time and money.

  2. i’m going to find a famous picture …

  3. I’ve seen a special about the Palm Islands or whatever they are called… I’d like to sail through them.

  4. somebody has a lot of time on their hands.

  5. That’s so cool!

  6. Wait, so veggie burritos should have mushrooms and spinach?  That sounds great in an omlette…have you ever had one of Dave’s omlettes?

  7. you have interesting searches on google. it is amazing what satelite images you can find. i can see my house from outer space too.

  8. That cake was yummy.

  9. office cakes = pretty much the only reason I go to work

  10. what ever happened to those good old fashioned drug induced posts???

  11. Anonymous Says:

    vagan cake. fancy.

  12. how’s it going young man???

  13. how’s it going young man???

  14. haha it is? why? its mostly me writing this late at night haha

  15. Google Earth is an awesome way to waste time at work when you’re bored…

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Uh, are you sure you have never had pink toenails?

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