Gators & Art

I’d been planning on taking some city slickers out to Anahuac for the annual Texas Gatorfest, and had been thinking it was coming up in October.  Yesterday I checked the website and was a bit bummed to find out it was this past weekend!!!!  My uncle wrote me and said that the hunters brought in 4 alligators longer than 13 feet, and my cousin got to work the kiddie educational booth with the little live ones.  

Anuhuac is just past Baytown, so it’s not very far away, and you get the genuine smalltown treatment out there.  It’s just like a fair with funnel cakes and bands playing, and you can get some gator on a stick.  They time it right at the end of the short alligator hunting season (which is necessary because of an overpopulation–when the alligator season was reinstated, there were more gators than people in that county).  All the meat and skins are sold and sent off for processing, so nothing is wasted.  Also, they have to be caught on a hook first so that you don’t end up doing things like shooting alligators out in the water and then losing them if they sink or something like that. 

So maybe next year, eh?  In the meantime, I’m going to make sure we don’t forget about another upcoming event and give you a full 2 months’ notice about the Houston Art Crawl.  I was impressed by the number of participating art galleries and design studios last year, and I think you’ll like it!  


4 Responses to “Gators & Art”

  1. We had something like that where I grew up. I think Gator season was only two weeks in the Everglades. Then again, the population was controlled by good old fashioned road kill at the same time. (Really freaked out the tourists.)
     Gator on a stick with funnel cakes, now that brings back memories! Add in some Seminoles and you’ve got yourself a party.

  2. gator on a stick… I just dont know.

  3. our youth group loves gator fest! it’s one of their favorite things to go to each year, and their stories are hillarious…funtimes!

  4. Alligator is some good stuff man!  My dad grew up in Louisiana so, needless to say, I have definitely had alligator before.  I hung out with my cousins in the summertime out on my uncle’s farm and we always had to be careful we didn’t run into the gators who may have strayed from the alligator farm next door.  Fun times.

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