There’s a big spider under my chair, and he says hello there.  Quiet I say, or else someone might hear you and want to squish you and then what kind of friend would you be?  I used to cough, but now I’ve pretty much stopped.  The sunlight made me feel so cozy on the way to lunch that I wanted to keep walking forever, just walk and walk and walk until I laid down in a nice grassy field with leetle yellow flowers.  And bees.  Or maybe like the wind in the willows next to that little house on the prairie.  Prairie dogs galore!  Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!  I wonder if carnitas means prairie dogs.  That burrito sure did TASTE like prairie dogs.  When can I take another benadryl?  Bennie, you’ve changed EVERYTHING, made the whole world so fresh and nice and new. But mostly cozy.  And I love dreaming with you.  Much better than looking at this ValuationGenerator code.  But I shall remember you neverzebes…neverledess…neverdeless…let’s change valuateFlowCharges to valueBenniePills in honor of you.  Spider, spider, look what I did!    


17 Responses to “”

  1. well..
    so you want to destroy/eat Chip’s sugar baby, but are protecting the spider under your chair!!! Something’s wrong!!! Your friend Benadryl must be turning your world upside down.

  2. Please step away from the medication.

  3. wow, that was a rather cryptic msg.. does it lead to a huge treasure hunt?

  4. Um, do I need to inform your roommate that he needs to make an intervention?  Slowly step away from the Benadryl….  I have faith in you.  You can do it.  Come clean.

  5. wow. i’m concerned.

  6. what? i’m lost.

  7. WOW…. someone is sick or something!!!!  But you know, it makes me laugh, because sometimes I have trains of thought that go much like that, just because I’m a girl and my brain works somewhat like a plate of spaghetti.  Noodles interweaving and sauce all over, a couple of meatballs and plenty of cheese…  lol…

  8. Naija, have you ever thought about getting some help? 

    Just kidding!  Hope you feel better!

  9. Wow … whodathunkit. Bennie is such a multitalented little pill. Believe it or not he actually helps me focus when I take him … always makes me wonder if I’d do better to be on Ritalin or something. Oh well to that!

  10. somebody stop that man!

  11. leetle yellow flowers? goood.huey on drugs? not goood.

  12. I am glad you ended up getting some sniffle medicine.

  13. what does it say about me that this is my alltime favorite post of yours?  i’m not encouraging a  drug habbit, just encouraging the writer in you that’s trying to get out. 😉

  14. maybe you could get some Benadryl that comes with it’s own gold body spray.

  15. confusing little quandary that prose was. i like it. ^^

  16. Oh, I’ve changed EVERYTHING, made the whole world so fresh and nice and new?

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