AAAAAAAAAAAGGGH!!!!!!!!!!  Mariah Carey is tanning herself with 24K gold dust for every concert!!!!!! 

Back in 2000, one of my apt-mates was a computer engineering grad student at Rice and he LOVED Mariah.  So when she announced her first concert in ages he sat down with his and his officemate’s computers and tried to log into the website with both at once as soon as the sale began.  Soooooooo many people were hitting the site that each page loaded at a crawl, and despite the blazing fast internet connection at his disposal, all the tickets were sold out within 15 minutes and he still hadn’t landed one.  eBay came to the rescue, and after he went behind the other bidders’ backs and offered the seller a few hundred dollars, he bought a plane ticket and was off to Madison Square Garden where he had quite a lovely time listening to her live.  Damian is so hardcore.  He tried to get onto Fear Factor once by filming himself eating a living beetle.


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  1. i don’t kar’et all that mariah carey-et sprays herself with gold. sorry, i’m just trying to become more nathanesque.

  2. I heard that on the radio today!!! A 24K golden tan…give me a break. They also said she flies her dog, Jack, first class only. I mean seriously. That dog probably has a better life than many of us “little people” (as far as material things go). Living beetles should not be eaten. period.

  3. hmmm.. you know, that sounds really interesting. I would be tempted to use it unless a. it comes off really easy or b. it has some kind of terrible health side effect. I think it would be cool to walk around covered in gold…. I guess I would also be concerned with the price of the spray… seeing as it’s got gold in it and all.

  4. Did you read the first paragraph of that article?? It says she hired someone to “SPAY her before going on stage.” Yikes! I didn’t know gold could do that… Rach, that’s a side effect to avoid!

  5. Nice catch, Jamie.  That’s funny.  And she’s quite the diva, no?

  6. Wow that is a hardcore fan.
    It would be hard for me to justify a 24 carat gold tan. I mean her enormous penthouse, extravagent vacations and endless shoe collection are one thing, but I think the gold tan is a little too much. 🙂

  7. Any takers to towel off the stage afterward? You could make a killing..

  8. A live beetle huh?  And he didn’t make it on?  Tragic.  My sister ate a live termite once.  Someone told her they taste like carrots…
    As for the gold, spraying yourself with metal just can’t be good for your skin.  I bet it looks cool though.

  9. Oh Mariah. What is she thinking sometimes?

  10. roomate from rice, yeah right.
    just admit it stephen, you’re crazy for mimi.

  11. I don’t know what the big deal is.  I spay myself with gold dust all the time

  12. Hasn’t she seen Goldfinger?  Covering yourself in gold dust can kill you! 

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