Intersection cameras started snapping photos of cars running red lights on Friday, so I suppose that means there’ll be some 437,939 citations issued in the next couple of weeks.

Among other major happenings, Gmail blessed me with the funny quote of the day:
“Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.”  – Bill Vaughan

And I’m gonna see Body Worlds before the Labor Day weekend is over…get your tickets soon if you haven’t already, because it’ll be gone after Monday!  It’s open 24 hours this weekend, so if you don’t get creeped out by skinned dead people during the witching hours, you might try beating the crowds by going after midnight…

This Wikipedia article covers some of the controversial aspects, and the Guardian has some more photos, but then so does Google Images

Just finished off the night with the last of some French goat feta.  I’ve been having a little every other day or so, and it’s highly recommended. 


15 Responses to “”

  1. Do we know which intersections have it?
    I have concern…

  2. There’s 10 intersections and they’re all labeled in the Sat. chronicle

  3. The ten intersections are listed on the HPD’s website.

  4. I can’t have any dang feta until this kid arrives. Oh happy day that will be.

  5. Just looked at the pictures…is that a baby in the one with the reclining woman?!?! Personally, I think that’s pretty bad taste…

  6. you should watch Lazer Pink Floyd at the planetarium then go see body worlds.. it would be a trip.

  7. sorrrrrrrrrrrrry ~!!! i was sleeping last night – and today – i was hanging out with one of the girls from the soccer team, and then after that, one of my friends that moved to houston (ironically) this year called me and we were having a long catch-up chat … try again another time? 🙂

  8. mmmmm…. yummy…. french goat feta….. mmmm…. cheese!

  9. i went to body worlds awhile ago and thought it was fascinating. it would be so much better at two a.m. though!

  10. Nice random thoughts! 

  11. I was on their turf!  What do you expect??

  12. That quote is right on the money!

  13. Body Worlds….How was it?
    Yeah, storming da Borders!!! That might be fun. “Gimme all your CHAI, NOW!!!” hehe….No, j/k…It’s still fun to imagine.

  14. Eww…. French goat feta?!  that sounds SOOOO nasty.

  15. we saw body worlds before we realized there was such controversy.  if we had known all the facts before, we would not have seen it. 
    i just find it interesting that he had an exhibition in hamburg where he let prostitutes in for free and added a new exhibit called “early bird” which is a man’s body with an erection.  what the crap?  that’s not so educational as he claims is the purpose for these exhibitions. 
    and then there’s the pregnant woman who donated her body and the body of her baby while she was dying.  i must add that at 8 months, a baby is well past the age of viability.  i wonder if the baby would have survived…
    this german man set up his lab very close to a chinese prison where the government is known to sell executed bodies and/or organs to the black market….
    this man claims that everyone in his exhibits has donated their bodies to him for these exhibits but he will not make this claim for all of the bodies in which he performed this procedure.
    i think the procedure can be quite interesting and educational if done the right way.  but i don’t believe that he is concerned with being proper and going through the right channels.  and it seems that he might be more interestied in sensationalism.

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