My former roommate Alex is playing with some other folks this weekend…

Saturday, September 2nd starting at 7:30 pm @ the next door coffeehouse

Andi Margjeka– singer songwriter born in Albania and more recently from New York

Steve Tagliere – a familiar name to many Houston Vineyard folks, his music has made it onto at least one movie soundtrack

Dave Rask – he’s on xanga

Elijah Prophet – poet

alexgordonandfriends – Alex has an event notice up here

$5 cover and you get coffee, cocoa, chai and other drinks for free (just tip the server)


7 Responses to “”

  1. I know an Elijah Prophet… surely it’s not the same guy… that would be really ironic, but how many people do you run across with that unique of a name?

  2. Sounds cool.  Maybe I’ll tell Lauren and Matt about that.  They love coffee and good music.

  3. what if you have multiple servers?

  4. that’s right around the corner from me, but i have never been.  how goes it, mr. h?

  5. what’s the purpose of the link you posted on my site? maybe i’m not that good at reading between the lines.

  6. haha im “STILL” cute? haha, what does that mean and how does it pertain to my latest post? haha, whatever the reason, how can a person NOT like hearing that. hahahaha

  7. Stephen, you need to stop telling girls that they’re cute!! …and stop giving wake-up calls singing “Where do you go, my lovely.”!!!!

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