Sunset on the new bridge in Charleston. 

James and Andrew on the waterfront in the historical district. 

It was fun walking the streets and catching up with old friends in Charleston and other cities in South Carolina. 

An old symbol of welcome

But as fun as it was to visit the beach, not everything was quite so welcoming. 

James bid farewell to his parents in Greenville.

And we made sure to stop nearby to see lizzzbet’s old stomping grounds

Boooooo!  Boooooo!  
There definitely ain’t no pineapples outside this tire shop in Granada,
Mississippi.  We had a blowout, and when the guy tried to back up
James’ car, he broke the manual transmission so that we had to drive
all the way to Houston without being able to go in reverse.  They
claimed there was no way to know for sure that their man was the one
who had damaged the car.  So much for Southern hospitality. 
Their motto was “Gateway:  we go the distance for you.” 

But after 4-5 hours of waiting at the tire shop and a Ford dealership
in Granada and over 4 hours of nonstop rain, we finally rolled into
Houston around 2 am.  The car got fixed over here for less than
we’d feared, and overall it was a pretty good trip.  I also came
back with a new roommate since I convinced James to leave his twin
brother Andrew behind!


14 Responses to “”

  1. great pics. but seriously, how does one end up with not one but 4 of those things stuck in one’s foot? wouldn’t the first one stop you in your tracks??

  2. I stepped onto some and my brain figured they were burrs and my reflexes led me to instantly jerk my foot back up and step to the side…onto more cacti! Some of the needles went in up to the hilt.

  3. that’s my fav pineapple fountain! i’m going labor day week…

  4. Oh yay!  Stephen, you should know that this posting makes me totally happy. 🙂  Wow, how I miss seeing Rainbow Row, the Cooper River Bridge, and Waterfront park!  Sigh, brings back so many good memories.  I’m sorry to see what happened to your foot though.  You weren’t kidding.  That’s so crazy.  I just don’t ever remember seeing those things at Folley Beach.
    Well, I will be in Charleston a week from today.  Tell James that if he forgot anything (small) I can bring it back for him. 
    RYC:  the camera that I used was a canon digital rebel. 

  5. Keep on taking pictures, they are great! Glad the trip was fun…well maybe not the cacti in your foot. ouch.

  6. Amazing bridges and architecture, sorry about the car and foot, great steal on the roomie

  7. Hey, that’s Furman!

  8. Great Pictures…. the cacti.. not so great…
    What a pretty house!! and the pineapple waterfall… i wonder how many other fruits make great waterfalls… like a starfruit, a kumquat or a banana.. I think  banana would be nice.
    on another note, missionary dating in bars? are you serious…

  9. yay for the bell tower.  that was my fave place to study.   my dorm was right behind you. 🙂  makes me happy.  see ya soon.

  10. gorgeous pictures!

  11. I’ve never been to the Carolinas, or most of that part of the country.  Your pictures reinforce my desire to go!  I need a long roadtrip!

  12. Awww….what fun!  I really wish we could have met up somewhere, but there will be other times. Though Charleston is closer to GA than TX is, it’s apparently still not THAT close. Glad you posted pictures.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    hey mr. stevo.  that bridge looks (from the photo) like a newish pedestrian bridge in redding.  how i shall respond to your comment on my post.  yay for mike & alison in yosemite.  i love yosemite.  it is my favoritest place ever.  caleb redfield…hmm… should i know that name?  i suppose so.  it sounds familiar, but no face comes to mind.  alas. 
    happy day to you. 🙂

  14. Anonymous Says:

    ok.  so you dont know me.  i ran across your xanga some how, (i think the vineyard church of houston blogring) and something caught my eye.  i saw the words ogbomosho, lagos and jos.  my girlfriend was there this summer with go now missions.  she was at bowen university.  it made me smile.  later friend!

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