Once upon a time I went to Austin. 

But I was not alone.

Indeed, there were many of us. 

We had gathered for a special celebration. 

She was now a doctor. 

We experienced Yoruba singing and dancing and headties. 

It was a blast. 

We had lots of fun, and

got a bit carried away by our emotions. 

Fortunately, Cristian had someone to kiss. 

I only had some thing. 

But it didn’t keep me from having a good time. 

I had some friends. 

But before long the day was done…

Jamie and Megan have a bit more to say about it, though!


32 Responses to “”

  1. Ha!!! I love it!!

  2. yeah, we pretty much rock..

  3. I have a very similar picture to your first one that I took in 6th grade.

  4. very nice! i wondered about the air kissing on M’s site… clarification station…. (doesnt really work when I do it…)
    looks like a ton of fun!

  5. haha. and thanks for the offer to go straighten those crazy people out!! very fustrating!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    memories of so many childhood fieldtrips to the capitol… ahh…

  7. You’re from another planet, right?

  8. love the outfit. looks like a great time. and you dont seem the slightest bit weird. nope not at all. 🙂

  9. oh stephen. that was a funny post. lol.
    u looked good in that outfit too!

  10. oh stephen….there’s so much left for you to learn, isn’t there?

  11. Looks like ya’ll had a fun time! ooh and I love the very first pic, so pretty!

  12. nice post, mr. huey.  hurry up and get your butt and john’s back here where you belong!!

  13. Great, someone else has the same yellow hat. Dang it.

  14. Ha, those pics are fantastic.  It looks like Y’all had a great time!  Kissing the capitol building?  Now that is true Texas love.

  15. James huh?  Is he in Houston now?
    RYC: You know, as much JUNK as we have, I’m so glad that those “strollers” are not included. Hahaha.

  16. Very nice post.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Awwww!!! Those pictures are SOOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!  I love the one of y’all on the cannon.
    No she didn’t log on, but she did leave me a little sign designed that way that she’d made for her apartment when she left for South Carolina back in the fall. 

  18. Love it!   How exactly did you get carried away by your emotions?

  19. In the bushes on the capitol grounds?

  20. why are you vomiting?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Cool Nigerian clothes!  Sorry about missing out on the fajita thing last week, I didn’t ge the message until later.  I realized I am not subscribed to your site, nor are you are subscribed to mine.  =

  22. fun pictures! i like the cannon ball head one. I still can’t believe u ditched our rice team! booh! but so how’s the new work going?

  23. Great pics. Makes me want to go to Austin!

  24. RYC: Thanks I’ll tell her! 🙂  I’m pretty sure Shaun thought so too…;)

  25. Where was I when all this fun was going on?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    ahhh… it makes me think of some fab times where a few js and a nick went and loved the worship … 

    there’s nothing like taking a jimbay and some g-tars to the capitol on a friday night… fyi…

  27. See you guys Sunday!

  28. Those pictures are excellent! You’re very good at taking fun and creative pictures and writing about it.  I especially liked the one with Christian in the canon and the one of you kissing the building. Good stuff indeed.
    No, I’m not gonna change the name on my site. ‘Cause Chai will still be good, even if Borders isn’t selling their original blend any more. I’m hoping to stock up on it, and to get my Chai elsewhere (there’s a place called Salento that makes good Chai similar to Borders…not as good, but decent.).

  29. Hey Charleston’s my hometown! Nice pics! I was just there and finally got to see the new bridge for the first time in person — it’s pretty great, especially since the old bridges were pretty scary to drive over. By the way, did you know that Charleston raises a pineapple on New Years Eve instead of dropping a ball?

  30. wow u have a LOT of friends that actually stay in touch. my bogus friends either left xanga or dont comment EVER. haha not that i do either. shoot, i barely even post. but just wanted to say that (in my boredom and procrastination) i was checkin out some posts i havent seen yet and i just love how picture enthusiastic u r. haha do ur friends get annoyed like mine do sometimes? haha, i just LOVE takin em. if we ever hang out ever then we SO need to take loads of pics for the principle of it! funny ones like the canon one u did. haha, big fan of that and many others.

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