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My former roommate Alex is playing with some other folks this weekend…

Saturday, September 2nd starting at 7:30 pm @ the next door coffeehouse

Andi Margjeka– singer songwriter born in Albania and more recently from New York

Steve Tagliere – a familiar name to many Houston Vineyard folks, his music has made it onto at least one movie soundtrack

Dave Rask – he’s on xanga

Elijah Prophet – poet

alexgordonandfriends – Alex has an event notice up here

$5 cover and you get coffee, cocoa, chai and other drinks for free (just tip the server)


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We interrupt our regular posting to provide this important bulletin:  modelling photos of my roommate have been posted here.  I have been disturbed.  End transmission.  You may now continue to the original post below…

Today, Slashdot has a discussion on a Houston Chronicle (wow, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will read our paper today!) article about how people in the IT department are less likely to steal lunches, and about halfway down the page, I came across the following stories that readers provided. 

I was a victim of this, I find it just as bizarre as you. A couple of years back I met a friend at california pizza kitchen for lunch.. That day I only ate half my pizza, and brought the leftovers back to the office, thinking I’d stash them in the fridge and have lunch the following day. So the following day I arrive to work about 11:30am, and I walk in the break room and it smells of recently reheated pizza. I think “nah, no way” and head to my desk. About 2pm I head in for lunch, and sure enough 2 of the 3 slices that were in the CPK box are gone. I’m furious. Really mad. My name was plastered all over the box, it’s not like it could have happened accidentally. So I figured the culprit would eventually return for the last slice since they enjoyed the first two so much. Time was limited, so I did the best thing I could come up with on short notice. I took the pizza to my desk, and looked in the janitor’s closet for the nastiest industrial degreaser I could find. I took it back to my desk and REALLY soaked the pizza.. Sprayed it several times on the top and bottom over a period of half an hour so it’d REALLY get soaked in. My hope was the person wouldn’t notice it until they took the first bite. So I stash the whole thing back in the fridge.. Sure enough, the following morning I find the CPK box in the trash, and sitting on top of it the last slice with a single bite taken out of it. Revenge never felt so sweet, and I never had anything else stolen from the kitchen. 🙂 The bastard ruined my lunch, I felt pretty vindicated in ruining their snack.

This guys sounds like he’s from across the pond:

Had the same thing as a student. So I set up a pack of chocolate digestives (replaced the choccie ones with standard digestives coated with ex lax). Morning after, I came down to find the biscuits gone.
On the walk in to Uni, I discovered who it was that had been stealing the biscuits. And no, he didn’t make it to a lavatory in time.
My food was pretty much left alone after that.
The bit I found perplexing was that this chap was a hard core Christian (born again, I think). He was the last one I expected it to be..


And then this guy responded to the one above and decided to get a little deep:


A friend of mine works as a teacher at a private college and his observation is that the worst thieves (everything from simply stealing food to swiping scanners, computers, etc) are all kinda weirdo born-agains. His theory is that the greater someone’s propensity towards immoral behavior, the greater likelihood that they’ll seek some sort of organized system that in theory “forces” them to act morally. Just as one finds people with a hard-core capacity for drinking at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (which is all about NOT drinking), it’s not at all illogical to expect to find people with a tendency towards immoral behavior attracted to a very strict religious organization.


And this is pretty different, but I still thought it was an interesting anecdote:


Back in the 60s, the television store in my hometown in the Texas Panhandle was the top television store for that brand (I think it was RCA) in the nation in terms of market penetration. Nearly everyone around who had a television had that one brand.

One of the big stores in Chicago was impressed and sent an executive down to see if they could learn something they could use in Chicago. So he flew into Amarillo, met the district sales representative for that brand, and they got in the sales reps car and drove to the store a couple of hours away.

When they walked into the store about 11 am, they didn’t see anyone at all. They figured that maybe the employees were drinking coffee or something and so they waited.

Then they noticed a sign that said “If you see a tv you like, take it home and try it out”. Another sign instructed people bringing in a tv for repair to write down what was wrong with it and put the paper on the tv. Another sign said “If you brought your tv in for repair and you see it here, it is fixed. The repair cost is on the tag. Leave the money in the cigar box on the counter or sign the tag and leave it in the cigar box and we’ll bill you for it.”

About an hour after they arrived, one of the town’s more idle citizens walked into the store and they asked him where the owners were. He replied, “Oh, they’re out harvesting wheat. They should be back by 8 or 9 tonight to close the store for the night.”

The visitors figured that nothing that we did here would work at all in their Chicago stores.

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Sunset on the new bridge in Charleston. 

James and Andrew on the waterfront in the historical district. 

It was fun walking the streets and catching up with old friends in Charleston and other cities in South Carolina. 

An old symbol of welcome

But as fun as it was to visit the beach, not everything was quite so welcoming. 

James bid farewell to his parents in Greenville.

And we made sure to stop nearby to see lizzzbet’s old stomping grounds

Boooooo!  Boooooo!  
There definitely ain’t no pineapples outside this tire shop in Granada,
Mississippi.  We had a blowout, and when the guy tried to back up
James’ car, he broke the manual transmission so that we had to drive
all the way to Houston without being able to go in reverse.  They
claimed there was no way to know for sure that their man was the one
who had damaged the car.  So much for Southern hospitality. 
Their motto was “Gateway:  we go the distance for you.” 

But after 4-5 hours of waiting at the tire shop and a Ford dealership
in Granada and over 4 hours of nonstop rain, we finally rolled into
Houston around 2 am.  The car got fixed over here for less than
we’d feared, and overall it was a pretty good trip.  I also came
back with a new roommate since I convinced James to leave his twin
brother Andrew behind!

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Once upon a time I went to Austin. 

But I was not alone.

Indeed, there were many of us. 

We had gathered for a special celebration. 

She was now a doctor. 

We experienced Yoruba singing and dancing and headties. 

It was a blast. 

We had lots of fun, and

got a bit carried away by our emotions. 

Fortunately, Cristian had someone to kiss. 

I only had some thing. 

But it didn’t keep me from having a good time. 

I had some friends. 

But before long the day was done…

Jamie and Megan have a bit more to say about it, though!