i can’t drive anywhere at the moment!

I just made a phone call to find out when my court date is in August
because I found all 4 instructional documents related to my
first-ever-inside-Houston-city-limits speeding ticket, but not the
actual ticket with the court date and fine amount on it. 
Apparently, I missed a court date on July 7th.  Apparently, this
is not a good thing for me. 

*Update 3 minutes later*

I decided to finally open some of these letters I’ve been getting from
several law firms.  I just thought they’d be offering services
about my future court date.  The first one I opened reads, “The
city of Houston warrant list indicates you recently missed


19 Responses to “i can’t drive anywhere at the moment!”

  1. oh no! maybe a friend can give you some advice on this one…at least the streets will be a little safer for the rest of us.

  2. Gosh, I knew there was something different about you! You’re a criminal!Maybe your new glasses will be enough of a disguise to throw off their search for you…

  3. Hey, doesn’t Texas give you a second warrant for getting one in the first place. Or is the 3rd one for getting two? I can’t remember…
    Once, I got a letter stating a court date for an unpaid bill. I didn’t even know that I had the bill since the billing company had my address wrong. It sucked, but was alright in the end. The Lord gave me great favor and the company waived all the interest…I think the ending payment was something like 23.00. (a co-pay as it turned out.)

  4. can i get a reward for turning you in?

  5. i know someone who recently had this happen to them if you would like me to give you their info so you can know a little more of what to do about it…
    just dont get a ticket… or they’ll take you in.

  6. Well think of it this way, you can’t drive anywhere…so you aren’t wasting any gas. Oh and you get to catch up on your daytime tv shows. =) So how bad of a driver are you? lol.

  7. why am i not surprised? 

  8. yes, the voice of experience here… a warrant for missing my jaywalking court date. I didn’t mean to miss it, but hey… sometime you just get busy and forget.Did you cry for them today? That always helps…Hope you made it to work……………

  9. Made it to work by 3, and everything is resolved (after sitting in a few long lines). I just need to avoid a ticket within Houston for the next 3 months to keep it off my record. This all worked out, because I was already late for work since I went to bed at 3 last night, so I came up with a good excuse for being even later to work.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah you gotta take care of that stuff… nice that they let you know about it…  I unfortunately never got to hear a thing about my warrant two years ago, and ended up spending the night in jail.  FUN…  >

  11. i had a warrant once. best 48 hours of my life!!

  12. Nothing quite like living as a fugitive from the law…

  13. can you picture dottie spending the night in jail?

  14. I have also spent the night in jail that is why dottie and I such good friends x-cons from way back. She just doesn’t have an tats to show for it.

  15. HA!  i missed a court date and thought someone else had screwed up when i got a letter in the mail from some lawyer wanting to represent me.  i forgot about the court date and went to 6 flags instead.  at least i had fun.

  16. Hmm…I’ve heard the Houston court fees are expensive too.  Good luck with that!

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