What could be more manly and inherently pleasurable than sitting on the porcelain throne with a big glass of coke float? 

(and don’t cheat and say something glaringly obvious like sex)


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  1. stephen, that’s just gross. I realize that you’re probably just going for shock value, but….YUCK! maybe jogging right after a coke float taught you your lesson.

  2. That’s unfair. Why should it be gross to sit and eat at the same time? Especially if you just don’t breathe through your nose! It’s mixing two good things for a doubly relaxing time. And women say that men don’t understand THEM…

  3. Root Beer Float…
    And yes indeed to the adventure!

  4. I think I’ll pass on how you define manly!

  5. sex. hahahaha. but no. coke floats are way too sweet!

  6. But isn’t smell inextricably linked to taste?  Did that Coke float taste funny?

  7. i’m confused about what was “floating”

  8. Anonymous Says:

    what?! why are guys so obsessed with “porcelain thrones”? thanks for cracking me up. completely random and unexpected. pure greatness! (p.s. i don’t know what could be more manly considering i’m not a man.)

  9. I’m with Matt.And who said women understand men? You guys are much stranger than we are!

  10. yeah, i don’t understand what’s so great about a “porcelain throne”.  it’s actually quite gross.  therefore, i cannot make the connection of it with anything pleasurable.  and in concusion, i agree with jamie.  it seems that if something can be combined with something as dirty as a toilet to give the second most pleasurable thing to a man, i will never understand men and have no idea how women can possibly be any more confusing then that.

  11. I agree Stephen.

  12. vile. (but in a good way, I suppose.)

  13. it’s funny cuz i always pegged you as one who didn’t post personal stuff, but that’s as personal as you get.  i’m with matt and thus no eating and drinking in my bathroom.  though i have been known to have a long bubble bath with a glass of wine.  yay for bubble baths!

  14. I did that once when I was in a rush… On monday, after I came back from the comp lab, i found out that my roommates won “Rat Out Your Roommate” at family style for, well, guess what.  They saved me the last slice of pizza that they won.  That was a hard pizza to swallow. 
    The sad part was that I couldn’t eat much of it at all — it felt like it would just go right through…

  15. Didn’t any of you smellers hear what I said about not breathing through your nose? Looks like all the men who commented here agree with me (except for the girly guys). C’mon girls, admit that going #2 is relaxing/pleasing. Your bodies can’t be THAT much different from ours!!!

  16. why do men always take their time going “#2”? its kind of weird to me.

  17. perhaps if you had a little fiber in that float it wouldn’t take so long..

  18. STEPHEN – stop that!  Don’t make me come over there.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I must say I’ve always understood that guys like the bathroom trip with a good hunting magazine, although I never understood why they wouldn’t go ahead and take steps to clear the air before they left… And yes, coke floats are SOOOOOOOOOO great…. so I can see how both those things combined would be such a pleasureable experience… however, I’d be more inclined to have a coke float in a bubble bath!!!  Well, a salts bath, not a bubble bath, and a Blended coke float from Sonic, too.  Yuuummmm…..

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