don’t copy that floppy

Scary, informative, nerdy and crunk all at once…

Ok, so maybe this isn’t really crunk, but it’s a historically interesting bit of cheesy rap in a software anti-piracy video made back in the days when games came on floppy disks.  Thank God I was born as late as the 80s so that I could escape being one of the programmers interviewed in this video.


11 Responses to “don’t copy that floppy”

  1. you’re awake – and i’m in a pensive mood – so maybe i’ll give you a ring. or maybe not – it is an ungodly hour to be calling people that you don’t call on a regular basis!

  2. it just kept going and going and somehow i kept watching. 

  3. that was long.

  4. hahahah! dont copy, dont copy that floppy! 

  5. ryc:thanks big/little bro. please pray for us!!!

  6. haha that was hilarious!

  7. Ah, the floppy…Carmen Sandiago, how I loved thee! Where in the world are you?
    Sheesh, now I’m thinking of Oregon Trail…but that was back in “basic” days.

  8. Early 90s computer people rock.

  9. if you stop by my house before we eat it all (I made 2 loaves) you can have some. …just ask whoever is here.

  10. of course u can be our friend!! =)

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