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i can’t drive anywhere at the moment!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31, 2006 by stephenhuey

I just made a phone call to find out when my court date is in August
because I found all 4 instructional documents related to my
first-ever-inside-Houston-city-limits speeding ticket, but not the
actual ticket with the court date and fine amount on it. 
Apparently, I missed a court date on July 7th.  Apparently, this
is not a good thing for me. 

*Update 3 minutes later*

I decided to finally open some of these letters I’ve been getting from
several law firms.  I just thought they’d be offering services
about my future court date.  The first one I opened reads, “The
city of Houston warrant list indicates you recently missed


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What could be more manly and inherently pleasurable than sitting on the porcelain throne with a big glass of coke float? 

(and don’t cheat and say something glaringly obvious like sex)

don’t copy that floppy

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Scary, informative, nerdy and crunk all at once…

Ok, so maybe this isn’t really crunk, but it’s a historically interesting bit of cheesy rap in a software anti-piracy video made back in the days when games came on floppy disks.  Thank God I was born as late as the 80s so that I could escape being one of the programmers interviewed in this video.