Thanks for all the comments on the photo.  I liked a lot of them,
but the “drunk bus driver impersonation” and “butt massage chair” ones
stood out to me. 

In other news, Ghana is now out of the World Cup and I was put in
charge of a frog toss competition at work (à la bean bag toss). 
I’m not sure which experience was more difficult.  Actually, in
the end it wasn’t so bad, because Ghana played very energetically
against Brazil, and it turns out that a lot of the computer geeks who
came to toss the little plastic frogs really got into it (one system
administrator practiced for a whole hour before he took his official
turn).  So I figured that if some people had fun, then it wasn’t
really a waste of my time.  How’s my logic? 

If you have nothing else to say, I suggest you stick a comment here
telling me how your day was, or what interesting thing happened to you
lately, or how things are going with you. 


10 Responses to “”

  1. I just want you to know what a joy you are. Every time I see you or you comment on my xanga you make me smile. That is an amazing gift to have.

  2. my day –1.. The ice cream party was a smashing success :P2.. I was hit on my a sleeeeezy old guy car salesman :03.. Relaxation station is now at hand 🙂

  3. I thought the frog toss was reserved for minors… but if it makes you happy…

  4. I love the Blind Boys!

  5. Did PETA agree to this frog toss?

  6. Did PETA agree to this frog toss?

  7. dan, you appear to be doubly concerned about these frogs. not to worry–they were plastic, and AFAIK PETA doesn’t care so much about that.

  8. my day has been only semi-interesting, only because a couple of friends stopped in and kept me company.  it’s about to get a lot better, though cuz i’m gonna take advantage of my b-day gift this afternoon.  mmmmmmmmm…

  9. Hummm … day’s been fun. Went to Noah’s Ark with the boys and some friends. Definate fun. I’m exhausted now though … and the boys aren’t! How do they have so much more energy than the rest of us!?!?!

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