Photo caption context #1

My cousin didn’t win Miss Louisiana, the Czech Republic is facing a
little more competition than expected, and some friends of mine have
fallen on hard times.  But by golly, we’re gonna have some fun
with this picture.  Give me your thoughts…


27 Responses to “Photo caption context #1”

  1. i feel sorry for any insects that get caught in that forest of leg hair

  2. the chair cannot contain you.

  3. Who knew going to the dentist could be this fun?!?!

  4. Soul Patrol!!! Taylor won, woo hoo!!

  5. what initially appeared as a sudden burst of joy soon turned into the event of the yours truly being covered with snotty snot.  A-CHOO!

  6. might as well enjoy getting that darn wedgy out.

  7. We’re takin’ this baby to the mooooon!
    J-rod’s “drunk bus driver” impersonation – a hit at any party!

  8. hahah! one of the most enjoyable parts of this post was reading what ur friends had to say. haha! one of my personal favorites – Who knew going to the dentist could be this fun?!?!

  9. oh, but my comment? i’d have to guess this is u after u’ve run out of cool picture ideas and this is what u did out of desperation to get another cool and original one in there. am i right or am i absolutely right?

  10. this picture scares and frightens me

  11. all i know glad thats not you. hahha. any caption i say would be inappropriate, so i will choose silence.

  12. this butt massage chair is grrrreat!!

  13. Mmmm..Borders Chai. Yum.

  14. you mean I have to get out of the chair before running?

  15. OH OH OH now I know who you are.  i kept seeing your little picture and comments all over the place and knew you went to the v-yard (or knew a good deal of the v-yard crew), but…i am a dork.
    jerod…geez, that boy’s a singin’, dancin’ fool.

  16. “Jerod hears that the McRibb sandwich is back!!!!”

  17. What results when your friends decide to have a little fun with ice cubes…

  18. At least Ghana will make it to the next round. Aren’t you happy about that?

  19. Kooky!  My gosh you are right! Maybe we were looking for something other than gold.   

  20. ryc:thanks for the comments

  21. that is so JROD!!!  hahaha boy do i have a picture to share on my xanga sometime…hehehe
    sorry you havent had to have any opportunity to eat the benefits of my cooking.  Maybe sometime soon??  lets hang out sometime??

  22. Harlem Shake in a chair 
    (a very ‘J_rod’ move)

  23. wearing anything new to work today???

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