restless island volcano

The local volcano decided to get feisty in the midst of all this
excitement over the believers!  Karthala is one of the largest
active volcanos in the world, and it last erupted in April 2005, but
last fall it spewed ash all over the island without an official
eruption taking place.  The people who sent the first two photos below were
trapped inside their house for days while the ash rained down, and they
had to sweep several times each day since some family members had
allergies.  This week more ash was spewed out for several days,
but most think the volcano is calming down and probably won’t

November 2005:  I’m dreaming of a gray Christmas…

November 2005:  Just like this week, the ash fall lasted for several days. 

Taken in May 2006 by an airborne reporter.  Lava has been boiling
within the crater this week, but it hasn’t spilled over the edge. 


8 Responses to “restless island volcano”

  1. Man! Too bad it’s not snow.
    Thanks for your comments.

  2. I wonder if people a thousand years ago had problems with allergies and what they did about it? did they just die..avoid volcanos…. or did they have their own version of claritin? anyways, great pictures.

  3. I always think how bad it must have been to live without the aid of contacts or glasses.

  4. =) =)  Thanks for all your comments  =)
    What a happy weekend~

  5. it was lovely hangin with you and ben. i like spur of the moment happenings.

  6. that’s crazy.anyway, i didn’t hear about the introduction, but i appreciate it. keep it real

  7. the top picture looks like it is from the 1920s because of the grayscale colors and the top car looks really old skool.

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