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Thanks for all the comments on the photo.  I liked a lot of them,
but the “drunk bus driver impersonation” and “butt massage chair” ones
stood out to me. 

In other news, Ghana is now out of the World Cup and I was put in
charge of a frog toss competition at work (à la bean bag toss). 
I’m not sure which experience was more difficult.  Actually, in
the end it wasn’t so bad, because Ghana played very energetically
against Brazil, and it turns out that a lot of the computer geeks who
came to toss the little plastic frogs really got into it (one system
administrator practiced for a whole hour before he took his official
turn).  So I figured that if some people had fun, then it wasn’t
really a waste of my time.  How’s my logic? 

If you have nothing else to say, I suggest you stick a comment here
telling me how your day was, or what interesting thing happened to you
lately, or how things are going with you. 


Photo caption context #1

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My cousin didn’t win Miss Louisiana, the Czech Republic is facing a
little more competition than expected, and some friends of mine have
fallen on hard times.  But by golly, we’re gonna have some fun
with this picture.  Give me your thoughts…

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My cousin
came down with a respiratory infection this week, yet last night she
still managed to win the preliminary talent round with her rendition of
“Astonishing” from the Broadway production of Little Women!  She
won Miss Teen Louisiana back in the day, and this time around she’s still in the running…

Yen and Woo Unite

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Duck brain, leprechaun shoes, guy meat night, condoms on gearshifts and
parking brakes, some dude driving down from the Panhandle with a white
tux, and a whole mess of celebrating Asians dancing into the night make
for a tiring weekend.  In other words, after four and a half years
of dating, Jasper and Bonnie finally got married on Saturday.  To
that there is only one appropriate response:  nyrken!!!

You can see a few photos down below, and a whole bunch more by going here and clicking the Slideshow link on the lefthand side:

Down below, I’ll recount my most embarrassing moment as emcee.

Digging for duck brains at the rehearsal dinner.  I felt its taste to be akin to a bland, fatty paté. 

Think I can fit into these leprechaun shoes given to me by the Men’s
Wearhouse?  Him?  Oh, that’s Ben.  It ain’t the last
you’ve seen of him. 

The vows they wrote were so long that the pastor had to jog Bonnie’s memory during the ceremony. 

Some very lovely ladies

Dr. Colby and Dr. Emily demonstrate that married folks can still swing with the rest of ’em! 

Ben knew that white tux would be put to good use. 

Tangy breakin’

Being pregnant don’t slow me down!

Ben sweating, Jasper and Bonnie getting down

Yeah, we did all right on the car.  They had a fake getaway, drove
around the block a few times so the old folks would clear out, and then
came back for some more dancing. 

The next morn, the bride and groom joined everyone for a dim sum
brunch.  Sunday night around 10 pm, Ben began the drive back to
Lubbock (I think he got back around noon on Monday).  By now, the
newlyweds should have already experienced some time lounging on a beach
in Jamaica. 

I suppose my most embarrassing moment as emcee was early on when I
began to explain how we would dismiss the tables to get food and
decided I would use the table names to do so (later, Orin and I had
someone at each table volunteer to try to read their phrase). 
Every table was named with some sort of Jamaican phrase (e.g. mine was
“Me uh go box yuh” or something like that), and since the head table
was to go first, I walked over to Jasper to let him demonstrate by
being the first one to say the name of his table.  So I’m walking
over there…”and now we’re gonna get Jasper to read us…” 
Jabber looked up quizzically, the room was silent, and the words before
me were plain English:  “Couples Resort.”  How to revise my
doomed sentence?  Well, I started with slightly prolonged silence,
and then I gave up and said “Never mind” and attempted a half-hearted
explanation of how his was the only in English and then told the head
table to just leave and get some food.  

Editor’s note:  nyrken is an expression discovered by Jasper or
Orin at some point in ancient history (circa seven years ago) and used
up till now exclusively by us.  Don’t ask me what it means. 
It means what it does.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Oh, and
its spelling is a matter of some debate.  Usage by others is not
prohibited but rather enthusiastically encouraged in an effort to
better the human race. 

restless island volcano

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The local volcano decided to get feisty in the midst of all this
excitement over the believers!  Karthala is one of the largest
active volcanos in the world, and it last erupted in April 2005, but
last fall it spewed ash all over the island without an official
eruption taking place.  The people who sent the first two photos below were
trapped inside their house for days while the ash rained down, and they
had to sweep several times each day since some family members had
allergies.  This week more ash was spewed out for several days,
but most think the volcano is calming down and probably won’t

November 2005:  I’m dreaming of a gray Christmas…

November 2005:  Just like this week, the ash fall lasted for several days. 

Taken in May 2006 by an airborne reporter.  Lava has been boiling
within the crater this week, but it hasn’t spilled over the edge.