Canoeing down the bayou

Jasper is getting married on June 3rd, so I thought I’d commemorate his
soon-to-be-extinct bachelorhood with a few photos from our canoe trip
down the bayou of about a year ago.  We rented from a guy who has
a stash of canoes in his backyard.  He was like the Crocodile
Dundee of canoeing, and now he has a flashier website
to go with his badges from canoeing and rowing clubs from all over the
world.  My favorite quote was when he was like, “Now I don’t wanna
mother ya, but last week an 8-foot alligator was sighted in there, and
she will eat you.  Please take a picture of her if you get a
chance so I can show the park board and we can have her removed before
somebody gets hurt.” 

We parked Jasper’s car at the Spaghetti Warehouse and then took the
canoe on top of mine to Woodway and 610 (west loop).  From there
it took us about 4 hours to reach downtown at a leisurely pace. 
Although we were in the middle of Houston, we felt like we were far
outside the city while we were deep in the woods for an hour and a half
(Memorial Park was on the left, and River Oaks was on the right). 
That’s where we quite unexpectedly saw a llama in someone’s

We were just guessing about how to tie a canoe on so it doesn’t fall off!

And we’re off…it was so peaceful for so long that it was hard to imagine a city was nearby. 

I’ve seen raccoons, rabbits and armadillos in Houston, and I’ve heard
coyotes are around Memorial Park and River Oaks, but isn’t it a bit hot
for llamas? 

Hours later, downtown comes into view…no alligator sightings, but I thought a big splash could’ve been her. 

We just figured out you’re supposed to paddle on opposite sides of the boat!

Construction down there…trying to make a Riverwalk in Houston or something like that. 

I thought, maybe I should go see Romeo & Juliet…and I did!  With a date!  Near the front row!  For free! 


14 Responses to “Canoeing down the bayou”

  1. I’ve experienced random llama sightings in Cullman, it’s always kinda weird.

  2. aw ๐Ÿ™‚  this is sweet.

  3. you were just trying to pick-up some ladies

  4. “She will eat you.”  Haha!
    I’d heard about this story about a year ago…love Jasper’s facial expression.

  5. They have fixed up the bayou quite a bit recently near Memorial and Bagby.  How was R&J?

  6. this post reminds me that i am in dire need of a good adventure.

  7. Hmmmm…you would think that, having grown up in the Houston area, I would know about cool things like conoeing in that area, but I didn’t.  That’s fun. 
    Crazy River Oaks people and their random llamas!
    Also, scoring good Romeo and Juliet tickets and a date…smooth move ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Don’t feel bad–I think most Houstonians would never even dream up canoeing down the bayou. As for Romeo & Juliet, it was in French (words on a digital screen far above the stage), and it was fun, although I’m not as acclimated to operas as I am to other shows.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    how were the mosquitos?  i guess i’m thinking of them since “aftertheone” (who i think i should know, but don’t) mentioned them on karen’s site.  thanks ahead of time for allowing me the random comment… but i liked your post… ciao~

  10. The reason you saw llamas is because there is a huge house that backs up to the Bayou near downtown that has all kinds of exotic animals. I’ll tell you about it at life group.  We had fun last time, didn’t we?  You were soooperb.

  11. i have a bayou (actually a tributary of the bayou) running in my backyard. I used to be pretty big into canoe racing… ha. weird i know.
    paddling is one of my favorite things. it’s so soothing… especially on rivers.  

  12. You know, you look a little like Kurt Russel in the picture. No, you look a LOT like him.

  13. Well if you need lessons buy me a boat and I will teach you how……

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