Weekend ! ! ! ! !

Friday, at last.  I’m hoping I can get out of work early (um, like
noon) for a guy’s grad from the Rice MBA program.  Got some
friends coming from out of town, and tomorrow is my roommate’s
birthday.  So, there’s plenty–almost too much, really–going

But THEN there’s a dance show at the Houston Vineyard on Saturday night at 7:30, so if you’re in town, you HAVE to go!  It’s benefiting Homes with Hope,
and I can’t make promises about what exactly the dances will be like,
but I’m expecting some cool stuff, and I can vouch for the fact that
these are REAL dancers.  It’s only 10 bucks, which is hardly
anything considering it’s going to help out some kids, and it’s tons
more interesting and inspirational than your typical movie. 

Also, a dancer just tipped me off that the Houston Ballet is doing Giselle at Miller Outdoor Theater
for the next 3 nights.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it will be
showing at 8 pm.  For the unitiated, Miller is FREE and, uh,
outside.  Sweet place to chill with friends. 

And I won’t mention what else I might be going to this weekend…we’ll see if I actually do it first…

Ok, so I’ll just edit this and give you a few pictures from the Le Mans
racing I went to on Friday night.  I had to wear earplugs as I
watched a bunch of Corvettes, Audis, BMWs, Ferraris and Porsches zoom
around the track for a couple of hours (it was an endurance race, so
whoever had the most laps at the end of the time allotted won). 
My roommate said he heard the cars from 5 miles away. 

The cars were so fast I couldn’t get pictures of them. 

Having come all the way from Charleston, James is very excited to see
sparks flying off the low car bodies, exhaust igniting and rims glowing
orange from the hot brakes. 

Audi has dominated the highest prototype class for the last several years. 

We had some more fun, like diving into a pool with Ong Bak
moves.  If you have Facebook, you can see more photos that
someone posted by clicking on View More Photos of Me underneath my
profile picture.  I think I’m done with this post now.  Oh,
and the
other stuff I said I was gonna do, I did, and it was good.  You
should have too if you didn’t. 


18 Responses to “Weekend ! ! ! ! !”

  1. mmm….miller….friday night….perfect weather…..sounds awesome!

  2. It does…although I might be tied up Friday night, in which case Sunday would be the better option for me.

  3. Give Alex a birthday kiss for me in the morning!!!. I hope to see you at the homes with hope thing ;0) Thanks for all the sweet comments you always brighten my days.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    awww man. i have to work on saturday night. suck-o!

  5. is anyone else curious about the last sentence?

  6. I think he might be going to get a pedicure this weekend.  =)

  7. that is the most uncool way to end a post.  my biggest pet peeve ever!! you’re such a tease, huey!

  8. heheh, really, Naija is going to quickly fly out to SC to sing with me at this wedding…that explains the last sentence.

  9. Wow, smithern…it does have to do with South Carolina…

  10. Hope you have a fun weekend!
    Your friend met the author of “Blue Like Jazz?”

  11. What?  So cryptic.

  12. Hahaha, I know what you did this past weekend 😉

  13. The picture of your friend’s face lit up is wonderful. Great to see such joy!

  14. hey, i went to the grand prix of houston on friday night too!

  15. um… you’ve been busy. my dad and i are nascar fans.. go to the races in texas (dallas) sometimes, but we don’t follow much in the F1 area. looks cool though and not overcrowded.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    (I posted it already… Spring Cypress and 290.  It’s quite a drive in traffic so I suggest if you’re coming, 1) let me know to see if I’m working and 2) come on a Saturday or Sunday!)

  17. South Carolina? If you’re in South Carolina you better call me.

  18. I heard them warming up Friday before I left town. You could hear the roaring from Rice U.That Cahill book is very interesting. He had a “sequel” about the Jews that was good too.

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