Shouldn’t be bad this week…man, I outdid myself this time.  Don’t even have time for a little nap.  Maybe time for some breakfast before heading back over there.  No, I’m not particularly excited about the rest of this day.  No maybes about eating some breakfast.  But the shower…oh, look at the time. 


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    ha ha!

  2. awwww… that stinks. But you shouldn’t stink – take a shower..

  3. Steven…what is so important about this job?? You need to sleep. *shaking finger at you*

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I hate days like that…I agree with haysookita — what  is so important about jobs like these?  I am just now in the first job I ever had where I could say “take it or leave it… they need me more than I need them.”  It’s a pretty darn good feeling.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    deadlines?  no time for showers?  oh my…

  6. ….just remember all the days you sleep until 9 or 10 and leave work at 4!  ….and remember your 5 weeks of vacation! 

  7. too true, oatie…i wasn’t complaining–i mean, i was remembering all the perks i’ve had and how i shouldn’t mind a few days like this. sleepy now šŸ™‚ my team lead and i sat down at a table looking over some documents around 4, and i was nodding off every once in a while (but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some people have seen!)

  8. i just have to say, ur a really nice guy šŸ™‚ thanks for being such a faithful poster šŸ™‚ i think ur my most faithful one!!! haha

  9. yep..i went to turkey when i was like 15 with a bunch of ppl from the hou vin. it was for the reconciliation walk and it was an awesome time. id love to go back someday.

  10. what in the heck do you do?

  11. he’s a coder.  (aka computer geek!)

  12. *Ahem*I think the proper term is code monkey.

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