The days aren’t long enough

Didn’t leave work till 8 tonight.  Not so bad since I was staying
most of and sometimes all night last week.  Shouldn’t be bad this
week, but I didn’t get as much done today as I was hoping. 

I’ve had the Eagles stuck in my head for a couple of days now.  I
literally break out into singing Peaceful, Easy Feeling every now and
then.  A couple of girls were singing the chorus at the Mucky Duck
the other day, and then I mentioned that I knew another good Eagles
song, and sang “I like the way your sparkling earrings laaaaay, against
your skin so brown,” and stopped right there.  They didn’t
recognize it and asked what the chorus was, and I honestly couldn’t
remember!  “But the chorus isn’t important in that song!  The
opening lines are the best part!!!”  We gave up. 

That night, I was laying in bed, and all of a sudden, I sang…”I like
the way your sparkling earrings lay against your skin so brown, And I
want to sleep with you in the desert tonight with a billion stars all
around…Cause I got a peaceful, easy feeling…”

Good song.  Six years ago I used to torture myself by singing
along with it on long car trips, pining over a girl whose skin really
was brown.  We were pretty good friends, and fortunately we never
got together like that.  She’s getting married in a few
months.  Anyway, it’s still a good song.  Music is lovely…I
was thinking about 7:30 that I didn’t HAVE to be sitting in a box in
front of a computer all day.  I could be doing something

Here are a couple more pictures someone emailed me from the previous weekend. 

Held this girl right after she was born.  Crazy that she’s about to graduate from high school.

Outdoes Carrie Fisher, I’d say.  Adorable. 


11 Responses to “The days aren’t long enough”

  1. these are SUCH good pics! u look so dif’t than ur profile pic. haha, its funny how thats the only thing i can base what u look like from

  2. other great songs…best of my love, seven bridges road, and witchy woman. seriously the list goes on and on. sometime si wonder if i could survive a world without music.

  3. now you’ve got it stuck in my head!

  4. wow. what cool gals must’ve been singing that song……..

  5. Anonymous Says:

    …oh and it’s a hollow feelin’, when it comes down to bein’ friends… oh yes, i’ve been there before (of course this was with a guy, but that goes without saying). i like the name of the book you’re reading. i think i’ll check it out and see if it’s something elise would dig (her birthday is only a month away).my favorite eagles line is “it’s a girl my lord in a black bed ford, slowin’ down to take a look at me”

  6. I can’t hum an Eagles’ song without eventually humming some Dire Straights.

  7. ok, i’m the nerd….it’s actually a flatbed ford…..but who really cares…lol

  8. Anonymous Says:

    whoops! yeah i know it’s flat bed, but i didn’t even realize i wrote “black bed”… oh well! can i blame this mistake on my blonde hair?

  9. Boo to working such late nights, know how that can be sometimes! Hope you are getting some rest and good time out of work.

  10. have you read gifts of the jews or desire of the everlasting hills by cahill? great books.  interesting perspectives.   thanks for letting us come over and play tonight.  i like downtown at night. good luck with it all. 

  11. Haven’t read any other Cahill books, but I love his writing style, and the content is a little different from what I expected (in a great way).

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