I do have photos to post from last weekend, but I just got home from
work, and I’m planning on getting up at sunrise to head back over
there.  Until the next time. 

wait.  nope.  can’t think of anything interesting to talk
about.  well…hmmm…oh, the cold brew toddy (iced coffee) at taft st coffee is highly recommended.  vietnamese style (just has sweetened condensed milk) is nice. 


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  1. 4:33 a.m.???? ..and I thought I worked crazy hours sometimes..

  2. anything vietnamese style is nice 🙂  taha! 🙂

  3. mmm…..I love vietnamese coffee.

  4. Wait, where are you going back too? I just noticed your last post, that you were at the Hilton in Abuja. No stinkin way. Did you know that my best friend from Hillcrest works there? Actually, did you know Rasha Lotfy? She’s still there. She just called me a few weeks ago.

  5. I like vietnamese baked goods

  6. mmmmm, vietnamese food…mmmmmm
    (if I had one iota of computer know-how, I would post the music.)

  7. sweetened condenced milk is the goodness. i like it on snowcones.

  8. Sleep deprivation? Just like old times Stephen.

  9. Sleep deprivation? Just like old times Stephen.

  10. I had Vietnamese food today.  Two of the guys I was with had Vietnamese coffee, but it’s a little strong for my-non-coffee-drinking-self.

  11. pho is my fave. mmmmmmmmmmm. i’m hungry, maybe i’ll get it for dinner. 

  12. Anonymous Says:

    you can make vietnamese coffee yourself for real cheap! i learned how to make it when i worked at a vietnamese restaurant.  with $6, you can make coffee for a small group! 

  13. oooh, lan, you should teach us all!!

  14. Amazing…never would’ve guessed we would’ve really gotten into Vietnamese food from my post…well, been in front of a computer screen most of this week (even if you count sleep time, eat time, hang-out time, shower time, etc), so time for bed. But let’s not forget to mention Cali Sandwich on Travis, where you can get some top-notch $2 Vietnamese sandwiches and $2 fruit smoothies: banana is safe, passion is great, jackfruit is adventurous…

  15. You failed to mention the mango!!
    Vietnamese coffee at Mai’s is the best– many a night senior year Yarng and I would go to study there (and indulge in spring rolls and coffee)

  16. Hey Stephen, long time no see!  (This is Ashley by the way) I was talking to James Copeland tonight on the phone and he told me that you had a xanga.  So are you ready for the twins to come on down to Houston?  I think it will be fun stuff.  I may get them to come up to College Station for a couple of days.  I’m going to grad school there now.
    Well, have a great night and I’m sure I’ll see you sometime next week!

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