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Canoeing down the bayou

Posted in Uncategorized on May 18, 2006 by stephenhuey

Jasper is getting married on June 3rd, so I thought I’d commemorate his
soon-to-be-extinct bachelorhood with a few photos from our canoe trip
down the bayou of about a year ago.  We rented from a guy who has
a stash of canoes in his backyard.  He was like the Crocodile
Dundee of canoeing, and now he has a flashier website
to go with his badges from canoeing and rowing clubs from all over the
world.  My favorite quote was when he was like, “Now I don’t wanna
mother ya, but last week an 8-foot alligator was sighted in there, and
she will eat you.  Please take a picture of her if you get a
chance so I can show the park board and we can have her removed before
somebody gets hurt.” 

We parked Jasper’s car at the Spaghetti Warehouse and then took the
canoe on top of mine to Woodway and 610 (west loop).  From there
it took us about 4 hours to reach downtown at a leisurely pace. 
Although we were in the middle of Houston, we felt like we were far
outside the city while we were deep in the woods for an hour and a half
(Memorial Park was on the left, and River Oaks was on the right). 
That’s where we quite unexpectedly saw a llama in someone’s

We were just guessing about how to tie a canoe on so it doesn’t fall off!

And we’re off…it was so peaceful for so long that it was hard to imagine a city was nearby. 

I’ve seen raccoons, rabbits and armadillos in Houston, and I’ve heard
coyotes are around Memorial Park and River Oaks, but isn’t it a bit hot
for llamas? 

Hours later, downtown comes into view…no alligator sightings, but I thought a big splash could’ve been her. 

We just figured out you’re supposed to paddle on opposite sides of the boat!

Construction down there…trying to make a Riverwalk in Houston or something like that. 

I thought, maybe I should go see Romeo & Juliet…and I did!  With a date!  Near the front row!  For free! 


Weekend ! ! ! ! !

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Friday, at last.  I’m hoping I can get out of work early (um, like
noon) for a guy’s grad from the Rice MBA program.  Got some
friends coming from out of town, and tomorrow is my roommate’s
birthday.  So, there’s plenty–almost too much, really–going

But THEN there’s a dance show at the Houston Vineyard on Saturday night at 7:30, so if you’re in town, you HAVE to go!  It’s benefiting Homes with Hope,
and I can’t make promises about what exactly the dances will be like,
but I’m expecting some cool stuff, and I can vouch for the fact that
these are REAL dancers.  It’s only 10 bucks, which is hardly
anything considering it’s going to help out some kids, and it’s tons
more interesting and inspirational than your typical movie. 

Also, a dancer just tipped me off that the Houston Ballet is doing Giselle at Miller Outdoor Theater
for the next 3 nights.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday it will be
showing at 8 pm.  For the unitiated, Miller is FREE and, uh,
outside.  Sweet place to chill with friends. 

And I won’t mention what else I might be going to this weekend…we’ll see if I actually do it first…

Ok, so I’ll just edit this and give you a few pictures from the Le Mans
racing I went to on Friday night.  I had to wear earplugs as I
watched a bunch of Corvettes, Audis, BMWs, Ferraris and Porsches zoom
around the track for a couple of hours (it was an endurance race, so
whoever had the most laps at the end of the time allotted won). 
My roommate said he heard the cars from 5 miles away. 

The cars were so fast I couldn’t get pictures of them. 

Having come all the way from Charleston, James is very excited to see
sparks flying off the low car bodies, exhaust igniting and rims glowing
orange from the hot brakes. 

Audi has dominated the highest prototype class for the last several years. 

We had some more fun, like diving into a pool with Ong Bak
moves.  If you have Facebook, you can see more photos that
someone posted by clicking on View More Photos of Me underneath my
profile picture.  I think I’m done with this post now.  Oh,
and the
other stuff I said I was gonna do, I did, and it was good.  You
should have too if you didn’t. 

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Shouldn’t be bad this week…man, I outdid myself this time.  Don’t even have time for a little nap.  Maybe time for some breakfast before heading back over there.  No, I’m not particularly excited about the rest of this day.  No maybes about eating some breakfast.  But the shower…oh, look at the time. 

The days aren’t long enough

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Didn’t leave work till 8 tonight.  Not so bad since I was staying
most of and sometimes all night last week.  Shouldn’t be bad this
week, but I didn’t get as much done today as I was hoping. 

I’ve had the Eagles stuck in my head for a couple of days now.  I
literally break out into singing Peaceful, Easy Feeling every now and
then.  A couple of girls were singing the chorus at the Mucky Duck
the other day, and then I mentioned that I knew another good Eagles
song, and sang “I like the way your sparkling earrings laaaaay, against
your skin so brown,” and stopped right there.  They didn’t
recognize it and asked what the chorus was, and I honestly couldn’t
remember!  “But the chorus isn’t important in that song!  The
opening lines are the best part!!!”  We gave up. 

That night, I was laying in bed, and all of a sudden, I sang…”I like
the way your sparkling earrings lay against your skin so brown, And I
want to sleep with you in the desert tonight with a billion stars all
around…Cause I got a peaceful, easy feeling…”

Good song.  Six years ago I used to torture myself by singing
along with it on long car trips, pining over a girl whose skin really
was brown.  We were pretty good friends, and fortunately we never
got together like that.  She’s getting married in a few
months.  Anyway, it’s still a good song.  Music is lovely…I
was thinking about 7:30 that I didn’t HAVE to be sitting in a box in
front of a computer all day.  I could be doing something

Here are a couple more pictures someone emailed me from the previous weekend. 

Held this girl right after she was born.  Crazy that she’s about to graduate from high school.

Outdoes Carrie Fisher, I’d say.  Adorable. 

Days of long ago

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My grandmother has told me about how they used to travel by train in
Texas.  She grew up about 90 miles south of Houston, and sometimes
they would visit relatives over in the hill country (less than 200
miles away), and it would be an all-day trip by car!  But before
they had cars they rode on the trains.  Her slightly older
sister-in-law once told me that most of the rural Texan farmers around
here still didn’t have cars in the 30s, so her future husband was
coming over to her parents’ house on horseback to court her. 

Last weekend, my cousin Taylor got married at his mom’s and stepdad’s
near a town coincidentally called Taylor (they didn’t grow up around
there).  It’s a little east of Austin.  As you can see, there
was a bit of a 1930s theme going on…

Props to liz and megan for dressing me!

Grandma Schimek.  Her mother, a Hejtmanek, made this dress back in
the 30s.  Note the hundred-year old Bartlett Volunteer Fire
Department fire truck in the background. 

People came to Stars Over Texas Ranch from near and far…

Here are some cousins in front of the log cabin that was just built in 2000. 

We were waiting awhile for the accordion player to get there from Austin…

But he was too late, so we all hummed Here Comes the Bride as the ladies walked up!

The ceremony was captivating nonetheless. 

Then we had a picnic!

Fortunately they found the good stuff. 

We had some real longhorns come up to the back porch during the dessert and toasting time. 

They had cupcakes instead of wedding cake. 


And they’re off! 

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I do have photos to post from last weekend, but I just got home from
work, and I’m planning on getting up at sunrise to head back over
there.  Until the next time. 

wait.  nope.  can’t think of anything interesting to talk
about.  well…hmmm…oh, the cold brew toddy (iced coffee) at taft st coffee is highly recommended.  vietnamese style (just has sweetened condensed milk) is nice.