Eclectic Mix

I just burned about a thousand photos from my March/April trip, so I’m
in a photo-posting mood (but these are random other ones I found on my
hard drive).  Plus, I need to get past my geeky Slashdot

Everything sure is bigger in Texas.

Yes, my nails are a wee bit dirty. 

Didn’t know my S400 could take closeups like this till my lil’ bro showed me how. 

Taken from Hilton hotel room window in Abuja, Nigeria.  Schoolmates of mine met Clinton beside that pool. 

Ages ago.  We love our cousin.  Oh, and she’s moving to Houston!!!

After getting back from Esperanza (a Rice formal). 

Guess we had fun. 

Earlier during our guys vs girls scavenger hunt at the Galleria. 

Phil and me.  Galleria. 


19 Responses to “Eclectic Mix”

  1. are y’all peeing in your tuxes in the galleria?!?!? that just looks wrong. the moth is spectacular though. 

  2. i’ve been at that pool!

  3. aww… the memories…. the photo of the month is amazing! 

  4. Wow that moth is huge!!! nice pictures… very lifeful

  5. lifeful – i like that! i think im gonna start using that! anyway, just wanted to say hi! also cool pics, esp in texas. looks like ur as into pictures as i am!!! didnt think that was possible for guys! haha, silly presumption i know. but yeah, pictures make everything nicer šŸ™‚ like ur compilation of them on here šŸ™‚

  6. Is that little boy with the scooter screaming for his mother?!?!?! Poor kid. That’s three therapy session a week now.

  7. Nice flowers. Multiple Macro Mode fun!

  8. awesome pics hahha. it doesnt get better than 2 guys “peeing” in their tuxes while a little mexicano rides around on a scooter indoors.
    you seem very familiar for some reason, but i dont think ive ever actually met you. weird.

  9. Desperation station

  10. Anonymous Says:

    i’m so glad i’m not the only one that thought that about the galleria picture!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    i don’t know what the gnp for tahiti is, but the gdp is about 4.5 billion there’s a reason i’m an economics major…

  12. Esperanza. I remember that.

  13. Yes, my nails are a wee bit dirty. 
    …but at least they’re cleaner than your toenails!!  =)

  14. these are some great pics…well most of them; those flowers are amazing!

  15. Is that Tom Miller in the picture?
    And exactly how dirty are your toenails? =)

  16. Addendum: you guys weren’t being good role models for that little boy.

  17. Nice pics, man! That moth was crazy big.
    “Mohican stare,” huh? That’s pretty cool that you and your friends made lingo based on the movie. I can see why y’all would do so.

  18. Yep, that’s long-lost Tom. And no mention of my toenails on xanga! That’s like my kryptonite.

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