This will be my first pictureless post in a while.  Too bad I
didn’t take a picture of the accident that happened outside my house on
Saturday morning.  From the balcony, I could see this 
shirtless white guy who was completely tatted all over shouting at this
crying middle-aged black lady, so my roommate and I went downstairs to
check it out, and just as we were walking up, the guy zoomed off in his
car.  Some tall white dude was now standing next to the lady
calmly writing down the guy’s license plate number, and we noticed the
H from his Honda was lying on the ground, so I expect they’ll get
him.  The poor lady said it was her first accident and was really
shaken up.  Seems like the guy had a pretty good reason for not
wanting to stick around, because both the lady and the tall man said
they saw the guy grab a crack pipe that had fallen on the ground before
he took off in the car. 

In other news, somehow I got an evite to a big birthday party for
someone I don’t know.  At the end of May, Yolanda Jefferson is
having a party for PNUT (Donald) in Bellville.  Anybody know who
this is???  I haven’t yet recognized anyone else on the
evite!  And it was sent to my Rice alum email address…

Listening to Editus right now…love this stuff.  Can’t find the
album online–instrumental with lots of guitar and violin.  They
might be Costa Rican, but I’m too lazy to find out for sure. 


16 Responses to “Party?”

  1. crack-heads suck…
    an evite from someone you don’t know… you are too popular…

  2. crack is whack.

  3. speaking of whack, are you finding yourself getting upset by that book? (Or as my daughter would say, “yourse-yelf”)

  4. whoa, i got an evite from someone i dont know this week too. but i keep getting scared that i am supposed to know them. first time to read da vinci code? what do you think?

  5. You should show up at the party – if anyone could pull it off, you could..

  6. You doing that Da Vinci code-Google puzzle thingy?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    i’m with megan on that one.just show up and act like you know everybody.

  8. I’ve actually been reading it faster than anything in a long time–blazed through 350+ pages last night (starting at 9 pm!). People are duped by all sorts of things, so I’m not really upset by it. It is interesting to read about the conspiracy theories and think about the facts that are true about these secret societies and whatnot. Haven’t tried the Google puzzle thingie, but we’ll see…

  9. So – are you coming to my party or not?

  10. Hey buddy. Hope you have a good weekend.

  11. Yes, there is a rooster next door. I live in RURAL Alabama. The nearest Starbucks if over an hour away. Thank the Lord for mail-delivered espresso.

  12. haha, thats hilarious that you’re invited to some party of someone u dont even know. way to be popular!!!! and thats nuts about the crackhead guy!!! what an asshole for assaulting that poor woman! glad that other guy was there to help her out and stuff!!! like, seriously.
    and wow. thats impressive that u read that entire post. i only expected my dad to do that!!!! wow, way to be a devoted reader!!!! thanks!!! have a good sunday 🙂

  13. Thank you for your encouraging comment. It’s just been a horribly discouraging semester and I’m ready to be done It’s been hard, not necessarily academically, but with instructors I guess. Anyway, thank you for the encouragement and for helping me see my purpose as a nurse is to also be caring as well as knowledgable. Thanks. Hope you’re doing well! Have a great day!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    my davinci code claim to faim was that i knew who the teacher was by page 257. i haven’t read that book in two and a half years, i don’t even remember what happened on page 257…

  15. I bet if you went to the party, you’d remember who the person was.  Or if you didn’t, you’d pull it off really well (to third embracing_extraordinary’s comment)

  16. I like your latest post (that I can’t comment on).  Someone gave me similar advice recently….that I’d get what I want when I stop wanting it.  So frustrating!!!!!

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