Quick little update

From the last post, that was a Ghanaian shirt that someone gave my dad–it was not my mother’s! And as for an itinerary, I was just in London, now I’m in Paris–but I haven’t had plans for each day (agh–this keyboard is killing me!). I have a couple of hostels booked for my first two days in Ireland, but nothing beyond that. This is zhqt hqppens if I just try to type zithout looking qt the keys1 Cool; huh+

The English folks I stayed with in London (4 kids) were about the loveliest you could imagine, and I hadn’t seen any of them in 8 years (they went to my school in Nigeria). I also met up with a Nigerian high school classmate whom I hadn’t seen in 7+ years. He just moved there to work for an American law firm, and he took a several-hours long lunch break to show me around The City (the financial district), and I was astounded by how it seemed like there were an unending mishmash of streets full of nice, new-looking huge buildings full of stone and marble and glass. I had also never been to the V&A, the National History Museum, and through the Soho area, and Alex took me to all those places and served as better tour guide than I had ever had in the city. We also ate at the poshest pizza place I’d ever been to. Oh, and I ran into a girl I had a class with at Rice while browsing around Fortnum & Mason. That’s a super posh store where you can do your weekly shopping if you want to spend obscene amounts on produce or pay 32 pounds for a hand-decorated chocolate Easter egg or buy a lollipop with a scorpion in it.

The train from Paris takes only about 2 and a half hours. My elderly neighbor from the south of France told me she’s a bit miffed that Arabic is becoming the 2nd language of France, and when I mentioned I was coming to visit a Polish friend in Paris, she exclaimed, “There are no more French people in Paris!”

I haven’t seen Pawel since I passed through here 7 years ago, and I’m staying in the flat he and his cousin share. He found out something crazy at work yesterday–not only does he have a ton to finish by this weekend, but a secretary alerted him to the fact that he’d requested a half day off on Friday back in December. Not remembering why, he dug through all his papers until he found a printout for a plane ticket back to Poland for tomorrow that he’d completely forgotten about! He apologized profusely to me, but the way I see it, there’s a better chance he’ll marry the girlfriend he has there than me, so I’m comfortable with where I rank on his priority list. 🙂

Gonna hit the town now…hasta tarde…


7 Responses to “Quick little update”

  1. It’s great that you have connections that povide for free over night stays! I suppose that you could stay with Alterfire and me, were you ever to venture into the wilds and wonders that is, er, of Alabama.

  2. glad your buddy has his priorities in order 🙂

  3. sounds like youre having a great time. travelling the world is something i have to start doing here pretty soon.

  4. Those French keyboards are nutty.

  5. My body…well, my ITB is acting up after my 9 hours of walking yesterday (leftover Houston Marathon injury). It’s just my left one–hopefully it won’t slow me down too much today.

  6. it’s is such a stephen huey thing to run into rice people in london!

  7. It took me quite a while to get used to typing on “English” keyboards too !  Just fun memories now though

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