Farewell to Africa

How’d you like to be buried in a lion or a Coke bottle or even a Nike shoe?  See the pictures at the very bottom for some coffins unlike any you’ve probably ever seen before…

Too bad I don’t have time to ruminate on all my feelings about having been here and my mixture of excitement with apprehensions over travelling throughout the next couple of weeks.  Instead, I’ll just put up a ton of pictures and pay tribute to a few interesting signs we saw.  Church today was a blast–I can’t wait to show some of you videos I took during the service!  The medical team was still with us, and I think they’ve never seen anything like that in Georgia before.  🙂

  • Blessed Fast Foods

  • Hands For Christ Barbing

  • My God is Able Plumbing (with a toilet on the door)

  • Jesus Temple Relief (hole-in-the-wall pharmacy)

  • My Redeemer Lives Hiring Services

  • Perfect Virgin Enterprises

  • Conquering Lion of Tribe of Judah (tiny ice cream stand)

  • Academy of Best Brains

  • Warning:  Traffic Light on Trial

  • Delight Shampoo Hair Fertilizer

I’m leaving for the airport…be back in Houston in 2 weeks!

Since someone said they weren’t seeing my mom in any pictures.




Nice break in the middle of a long drive.


My parents’ African Grey Parrot (still doesn’t talk). 


Is it the smoke or the flavour?


You heard him!


Letters on the back are common.  I saw “Israel” on the back of one vehicle. 


Keep thinkin’ that, buddy.  🙂


Common saying in Ghana–they even have a symbol for it. 


I’m tellin’ you–they’re everywhere.


A different sort of sticker on the back of a vehicle. 


Like many of my pictures, taken through a dirty window. 


Unlike Nigeria, they can actually rely on the electricity for traffic lights. 


I’m tellin’ you, these are coffins! 


Didn’t believe me, did you?


Machine gun for a soldier, Nike shoe for a runner, lobster for a…


Lots of places carve these–anything you can imagine.  I’ve even seen a broom (if you were a good wife who swept well?). 


Farewell from Ghana.  Whoops, it’s almost 9:15 pm and I’ve gotta shower and get to the airport!!!  Good thing we only live 15 minutes from there.  I’ll try to update from Europe…




15 Responses to “Farewell to Africa”

  1. wow, you look so much like your daddy!  got an itenerary for your travels or you just gonna wing it??  you will have to have a picture/video party for us when you get back.

  2. Man, I just browsed through your site, and these are some great pics! Makes me SOOO wish I was there. From your previous post, I know what you mean about needing to get to a place that reminds you how simple life can be outside the “loop”. Have a great rest of the trip.

  3. What are you stylin’? 
    And that “protection” sticker is…very interesting.  Its a bumper sticker??!
    Have you found a place to stay in Ireland yet?

  4. *sigh*  The memories!!  How I miss Africa!!!  Thanks for the pictures… they were refreshing to my heart!!

  5. I’m sure your mom really loves that you post pictures of her napping.

  6. From the first and second pics I can only deduce that you siezed the opportunity to try on your mother’s clothing while she was napping.  And Nathan said he’s willing to pay top dollar for a Spongebob coffin if you see one.

  7. the coffin thing is out of control! i think im gonna open a business like that here in america.

  8. You get all the Xanga awards this year in pics!  What a collection!  Coffins!!

  9. I will pay top dollar for a Star Wars coffin! Any Star Wars character is fine by me 🙂

  10. Indispensable:: very, very amusing.

  11. Ghana!  I don’t know who you are, but I came across your blog from Olivia’s (I too am a Rice alum).  I lived in Ghana all last year.  These pictures are such a trip back — props for taking the daily life stuff that I totally failed to photograph.  Neat neat neat.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    AMAZING!  I love these pics!

  13. the ghana pics are great (as are all the others)! it brings back memories (i was there in 2003)…

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