From the other side of the world…

I’m finally here!  It’s impossible to forget for a second where I am–I’ve only been to a few West African countries, but I expect you can’t ever forget where you are when you’re in one.  Every building, road, light switch, door handle, room…everything has a look to it that I haven’t seen anywhere else in years.  The fans can be as powerful as helicopters, and letting them whip the warm air over my body while listening to the gazillions of bird calls takes me to places from long ago.  I feel so free with open air windows, even when it’s really hot, and the guest house my parents run has them everywhere! 

I probably only slept 4ish hours during the 20 hours of travelling, but I wasn’t too tired.  The flight from London to Accra was only half full, and there was a water project team coming from Pantano Christian Church in Tucson, Arizona.  One the guys came over and sat with me for a couple of hours.  His name was Chax (“Chaz”). 

Went to bed at midnight last night and hopped in the shower at 6:30 this morning (I love sunlight streaming into my bedroom–always helps with getting up and at ’em), then had breakfast with some of the guests staying here.  They included an older couple who work in the north, as well as some young New Yorkers on a dental team.  The team had a blast, and the guy was talking about how for the first time he performed an extraction on a woman while she was breastfeeding her child (the kid kept reaching up at him while he was trying to get the tooth out). 

Haven’t been out of the compound yet, but that’ll change soon…meanwhile, here a few pictures I took before breakfast. 

Mmmmm….sunlight streaming into my room…and open air windows!  And my helicopter fan!!!  Can’t decide which of those I miss most…

Other side of my room.  The box for my parents made it with only a minor dent! 

Banana and papaya trees seen from my window. 

One side of the guest house with a royal palm next to it. 

Windows everywhere to let the breeze blow through–the only way a home should be!

Living room and kitchen in my parents’ part of the guest house. 

Oh yeah, and the fruit cake my grandma made for my dad’s birthday was still cold when I unpacked it from the box! 

* Update after lunch *

A real Ghanaian specialty:  foo foo with groundnut stew!  (groundnut = peanut)

Only breakfast and supper are served in the guest house, so Adeline (wearing white) pounded the foo foo (half an hour’s work) and made the groundnut stew specially just for a few of us. 

Wish you could be here.  Love ya’ll…oh, and by the way, this says I’m posting at 3:30 am, but that’s Central time–I’m 6 hours ahead of that. 


16 Responses to “From the other side of the world…”

  1. wow! so exciting! I love how things in other countries can be so distinct… keep posting… it’s like we get to come along on the adventure with you!

  2. I just opened my office window in honor of you…yeah! for the update..

  3. im so jealous! i wanna travel so bad! sounds amazing from all u’ve been updating us on!

  4. i almost cried wanting to go back to africa just now when i saw those pictures.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ok bring some foo foo and papaya over.

  6. *Matt tries to locate the latches to open his 26th floor window*

  7. My sister lived in Senegal as a missionary…and she has mentioned the plentiful amounts of peanuts (and peanut oil), but never the foo foo.

  8. Ah!  You are there!  You look like your dad (assuming that’s your dad in the picture).
    I am excited to hear more tidbits soon!

  9. sounds amazing! love the pics…

  10. fabulous post! hope there are more pics to come. have a great time!

  11. this is so amazing to me! not just htat you are in what sounds like an incredible place that is a world apart, but that you can show us your life across the ocean!  so fabulous. i am sending you an email from my cuz who is on a medical mission in africa if you are at all interested.

  12. Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Silvia (sp?) OHHHHHHHHHHHH I miss them. Gosh, where are the days when I would see your dad everyday and he always had something to say to me that made me burst into laughter!!!! Please oh please greet them for me!! Wow, those pics almost seem foreign to me now, I really need to go back home…….to Africa that is, I mean I am beginning to get too comfortable here. Have fun Steve-O and take care of yourself. Take more pics please!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    How great, Steve!!!!
    I’ve got a door open this morning — can’t agree more — I love fresh air and a powerful ceiling fan.
    I hope you continue to have a GREAT time!

  14. foo foo looks exactly like nshima (mealie-meal, ground maize, corn meal) i had in zambia. . .good stuff. . .used to have it every day for lunch with some sort of relish(ndiwo). . .no peanuts though–maybe we were too far south. . .but it sound delish. . .

  15. I am so jealous!!!

  16. Make us Foo Foo when you get back…thanks for keeping us posted!

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