Muslims want to visit Mecca at least once.  Everyone should visit
Subsaharan Africa at least once.  But then it’d be a pity if your
first time was also your last!

Depart Houston, Texas:  Wed, March 8th, 5:30 pm
Arrive in Accra, Ghana:  Thurs, 8:55 pm (2:55 pm in Houston)

I’ll skip the London/Paris/Dublin/Belfast itinerary for now.  I’ll
try to post when I can.  Main thing is I’ll be back in Houston at
5:35 pm on Sunday, April 2, which I’ve heard happens to be someone’s birthday, so I hope to do a bit of partying if my flight’s not delayed!

Reality hasn’t quite hit me yet.  I’m tired right now–can barely type this, and I’m making lots of mistakes!  I’ve
been spending quite a bit of time getting ready, trying to make sure I
have all my own stuff, plus the things I’m taking for other
people.  I’ve got cash hidden in various parts of my carry-on, but
my favorite strategy is to wrap a Ben Franklin in some plastic and
stick that inside one of my socks. 

Never been to Ghana
My parents are there this year (only for another couple of months), so
I’m taking the chance to go while I can.  Since I finished college
and got a job, I feel like life has been going nonstop…I’ve been
meaning to return to Africa for years, and I never had the chance till
now.  I really think I need a break.  I believe my
perspective has gone awry, and I’d like to drop some habits and some of
the ways I waste my time, refocus, consider what’s really important to
my life, what I’m doing with it, etc… 

Finished packing just now.  It takes a while to tape up a
box.  I’ve got some new pillows and towels in there that my mom
wanted, some documents and passport photos for a medical team and some
other folks who are going to Ghana later, a fruit cake my grandma made
for my dad’s birthday, suction cups, stoppers, golden raisins, magnetic
signs to slap onto the sides of cars, etc (random stuff my parents and
other people needed). 

Now, I’ve just got to go to sleep, wake up, shower, go to work, talk to
people at work, leave early, and…after passing through a dream, I’ll
feel very, very far away…


14 Responses to “Finally”

  1. you invoked my name in em’s blog, so i had to invoke some blogstalking. . .cool that you are going to ghana. . .ever travel down south to vic falls? i lived on the zambian side for about a year (well, broken up between my last semester in college and post graduation). . .you know the story—trying to do something important for god, finding yourself, then realizing you probably shouldn’t have bought a one-way ticket. . .hope your trip goes well. . .you can never have too many golden raisins. . .

  2. you will be missed, huey.

  3. Stephen, we’ll miss you!
    How do you like Blue Like Jazz?

  4. Hey anciano, I’ve had friends whose experiences in Zambia have made me envious, but I’ve yet to make it down there. Donald Miller is originally from Houston, but he moved to Portland a long time ago. My parents gave the book to me–different from anything else I’ve read. Ok, now I’m *really* ready to go, I think. Made myself ride my bike this morn to counter the day and a half of plane-sitting time. Au revoir!

  5. Have a great and safe time! I hope your dad’s fruit cake makes it.

  6. wow have a great time, i hope you post some!

  7. Reading your last sentence made me feel the need to stare off into space and think wistful thoughts… then I snapped out of it..Have an lovely trip.. hope your next few posts are filled with extraordinary stories!

  8. I bowled a 179 for you last night since you had to stay home and pack.  Have a great trip!

  9. im jealous. i wanna go to africa. have a good time with tha momma and the pops. i cant wait to read all the stories you’ll have. meet some cool people and be inspired. please dont get trampled to death by a africa!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Bon Voyage. Hey we are reading the same book.

  11. how did you get that much time off? that’s pretty awesome. anyway, stay sweet and see you in the 6th grade.

  12. Going to miss you

  13. I’m so happy for you! Have a wonderful time, and I hope you come back refreshed.

  14. So jealous … have fun … we’ll miss you!

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