Already got a bunch of birthday-related comments on my last post, so I
don’t need any more of those.  To answer a question from a
previous post, my family went to Nigeria in 1989, and I came to Houston
in 1998.  In order to commemorate me sliding down the chute on a
chilly Tuesday 26 years ago, here are a few photos from the early
years.  Don’t have many scanned in, so these will have to

First day of Kindergarten in El Campo, Texas. 

Okelerin Baptist Church in Ogbomosho, where we lived for our first year
in the country.  There are almost a million people in this town,
but you’d probably never guess from driving through it.  We didn’t
go to church here, but as you can see, lots of other people did. 
The church buildings come in all shapes and sizes, but this is pretty
much how the people always look inside! 

We went to church in this nearby leprosy colony during our first year in the country. That’s my little bro. 

Our grandparents visited us while we lived in the city of Lagos. 
I’ve forever after been disappointed by waves since living here,
because I’ve never played in rougher waves than at this beach! 

This happens to be in the city of Ibadan, though it could be typical of
just about anywhere in the country (although usually the cars would be
this close together on two-way streets). 

The river I was baptized in near Eku.  This very spot graces the cover of Gods of Noonday
By the way, the book is a good read, although it’s probably more
“literary” than most would expect.  I’ve heard that some
missionaries think it’s a bit negative or bitter at times, but the
missionary kids I’ve spoken to all think it captures realistic feelings
quite well. 

I haven’t been across the Atlantic in almost 5 years! 


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  1. ummm, that reminds me. do you have a good recipe for hummus?p.s. happy birthday. 🙂

  2. 1st pic – hot socks! no really. i want some. also want the belt, lunchbox, and velcrow shoes…except i cant even joke about the velcrow shoes b/c i had some just like them as a kid. they were particularly hideous though. (shudder)

  3. Ummm, I think there’s something special about Kindergarten! How fun…love, love, love the lunchbox it rocks those socks off! It’s so cool to see your life growing up, it’s so cool and unique. Thanks for sharing.

  4. 5 years? Really? Not since Turkey? Wow… it’s about time you crossed it again! Just remember… you get to cross it a second time when you decide to come back to Houston!

  5. yeah. sarcasm is my humor of choice, and i wouldnt change that about me at all, but at the same time, its annoying when friends cant function and interact with me on any other level. i dont want the joke (or rather, their interpretation of a joke) to turn nasty and something that is only funny to them while making me feel stupid or annoyed or hurt or confused or whatever.
    sigh. im sorry u have friends who do the same to u…my roommate shannee told me that i dont get mad enough when this happens so im gonna try showing my annoyance and get mad when they continue to disrespect me. if u try it too, tell me how it goes

  6. going to church in a leprosy colony? that’s just about the raddest thing I’ve ever heard..

  7. “sliding down the chute”???  I guess I’ve never heard THAT one before… and I would be interested to know whether your mom would actually use the same description.  Okay, I’m not REALLY interested to know… hahaha…. great pictures, Stephen!

  8. Happy Birthday Amigo….Nice picture by the way

  9. hotttness!!! man, guys with tube socks and lunch boxes totally get me going. and the velcro shoes, it doesnt get much hotter than this. get that kid to ask me out. please!

  10. There were several villages in the area that were all part of the leprosy colony, and some of the churches were larger than others, but the one we went to was in a tiny mud hut about 12 feet wide by some 30 feet long!

  11. NO WAY!!! I totally had the same lunch box!!!!!! We were super cool!
    I’m wondering at the little benches and tikki hut in the river…was it overflowing? Or was that a spot for people to sit and dangle their feet in the water?

  12. a movie naija needs to see – motorcycle diaries.  yes indeed. not sure why i thought about that. go rent it. 🙂

  13. Yeah, the river was flooding a bit when that picture was taken.Already saw Motorcycle Diaries, and I’d recommend EVERYONE out there watching it. Not what you’d expect, and an interesting true story besides!

  14. 5 years?…I’ve barely ever seen the Atlantic.  When’s the last trip you DID take?  (Different country, not Waco.) 

  15. I’ve been to central Mexico a few times in the past few years, but haven’t been to Europe or Africa since the summer of 2001.

  16. omg your comment was sooooo funny. i think i like you a LOT hahhaha.

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